Classic bedroom furniture Francesco Pasi Italy. The bedroom collection made by Francesco Pasi Italy meets the demands of the most sophisticated customer who wants a classic luxury bedroom with upholstered wood beds, luxurious bedside tables and classical luxury chests, wardrobes and dressing cabinets of the highest quality.

Manufacturer Francesco Pasi Italy

Francesco Pasi is the representative of a made in italy furniture company with the same name, which has a diffused international presence, thanks to the numerous points of sale and showrooms, located especially in  European countries. The charm of the classic furniture Francesco is what has won the Nobili Design team’s heart, and has determined us to choose Francesco every time we think about the interior design of a modern bedroom.

The bedroom represents your oasis of tranquility and relaxation, which is why the mix of furniture and accessories that makes it unique are being carefully chosen according to your own preferences and style. Francesco Pasi constantly studies the materials preferred by the clients and takes great care in detail, to decorate personalized and trendy living spaces. Francesco introduced the leather finish in his new Ellipse collection, making the bed, the undisputed protagonist of the sleeping area, more comfortable and refined.

Classic white bedroom sets

The entire bedroom is dressed in the new leather or Nabuck finish - bed, wardrobes, bedside tables, dressing tables and tables - in enveloping shades and light tones, all being in perfect harmony with contemporary life. Nabuck oversized leather upholstery, handmade stitching, Made in Italy quality: Ellipse beds are a mouthpiece for modern style, refinement and elegance. The clean and distinctive lines of the Ellipse collection are highlighted in the modern bedroom furniture, and is the ideal choice of the Nobili design team when it comes to decorating both houses and modern apartments. It is important for our designers to create a bedroom that fulfills all of our customers desires.

Thus, we choose the modern furniture Francesco Pasi that proposes new and modern bedroom pieces of furniture with contemporary lines, destined to become your oasis of relaxation. Available in several types of fabrics, following the trends of mix & match fashion, the furniture for modern bedrooms in the Ellipse collection, interprets a sober luxury, due to its geometric features and colors.

The velvet, leather and Nabuck versions have a special effect. Francesco Pasi adorns the bedroom with tailoring: the seams are actually handmade to give a sophisticated look to the most comfortable room in the house. Like all pieces of furniture in the Ellipse collection, these beds can also have metal inserts, in perfect contrast to the soft lining. Nobili Design will guide and advise you on choosing the perfect bedroom furniture, and Francesco Pasi collections are among our top choices.

Born in 1975 from the passion of the Pasi family for high quality Italian furniture, Francesco Pasi Srl is known worldwide for quality and the highest manufacturing methods. Inspired by the manufacturing trends in the Veneto region and, in general, by the classic Italian style, the Francesco Pasi collection lines are frequently used by Nobili design, because both we and our clients love the originality and uniqueness of the classic Francesco bedroom furniture.

Italian bedroom furniture luxury

The company Francesco Pasi certifies its collections with product originality cards, brand and patent cards: a wide range of valuable furniture, executed with the utmost care for details and finishes, all created to dress the classic houses in uniqueness and elegance. Francesco bedroom furniture is dedicated to customers who never gave up the famous 100% Made in Italy product safety. Refined manually with beeswax, this bedroom furniture is meant to last over the years: to help you take care of the natural wood material of the furniture, a composite maintenance kit accompanies each Francesco Pasi piece of furniture, composed from a soft cloth, a scratch-resistant marking pen and a can of beeswax.

Luxury classic italian furniture bedroom

Francesco Pasi, a representative of luxury design Made in Italy worldwide, has a widespread international presence, thanks to the numerous points of sale and showrooms, located especially in Russia and in the Eastern European countries. Francesco's cosmopolitan charm has also won the Nobili Design team, who are more than happy to use Francesco classic furniture pieces for bedrooms interior design. The bedroom is your personal and intimate refuge, which is why Nobili Design is dedicated to its client’s needs, using a mix of furniture and bedroom accessories that bring refinement and uniqueness.

Francesco Pasi constantly studies the materials and takes care of the details to create customized and always fashionable living spaces. According to this, he introduced the leather finish in his new collections of bedroom furniture, transforming the bed, the uncontested protagonist of the sleeping area, into a piece of furniture more comfortable and refined than before. Francesco's bedrooms are dressed in enveloping shades and light tones in perfect harmony with contemporary life. Nobili Design encourages you to choose a classic Italian style bedroom and with our help, you dream bedroom will be brought to life.

October 21st, 2022