Classic luxury bedroom furniture Avenanti Italy. Production and delivery time 45-55 days. The prices for the Monte Napoleone model vary between 2.100 and 7.700 euros, are informative and may have subsequent changes.

Classic luxury bedroom furniture Amelie Golden 1

Luxury Italian Upholstered Beds - Classic bedroom furniture Amelie Gold

Upholstered luxury bed Amelie code_VR1 011 TD FO. Sizes: L 217, W 200, H 145 CM. Price 7.700 Euros.

Classic italian bedroom furniture Amelie Gold

Nightstand with 3 drawers and floral motifs Brigitte, code_VR1 220 BD PO RP. Sizes: L 60, W 40, H 66 CM. Price 2,900 Euros.

Classic luxury bedroom furniture Amelie Golden 4

Vanity table with floral motifs Brigitte code_VR2 231 BD PO RG. Sizes: L 190, W 45, H 79 CM. Price 7.400 Euros.

Classic luxury bedroom furniture Amelie Golden 5

Stool Brigitte code_VR2 532 TV B. Sizes: 52 CM diameter, H 46 CM. Price 2.100 Euros.

Classic luxury bedroom furniture Amelie Golden 6

Table lamp Charlas code_VR2 643 OB. Sizes: 46 CM, W 15, H 35 CM. Price 1.000 Euros.

Classic luxury bedroom furniture Amelie Golden 7

Floor lamp Charlas code_VR2 623 B. Sizes: 50 CM, W 25, H 160 CM. Price 2.300 Euros.

Classic luxury bedroom furniture Amelie Golden 8

Mirror Brigitte code_VR2 604 B. Sizes: L 102, W 5, H 80 CM. Price 2.600 euros.

Delivery time 45-65 days.

Furniture collection Amelie Gold comprises of a bed made of carved massive wood, a nightstand with 3 drawers, a stool, a table lamp, a floor lamp and a classic luxury bedroom mirror.

The furniture made of wood by Avenanti is synonym with the true quality and the Italian charm, proved in time. Handmade crafted following the old customs, using the best materials and a careful approach to provide uniqueness and quality of each product.

The classic and elegant furniture design by Avenanti for living room, dining area, bedroom, bookcases, desks and kitchens have created a traditional Italian brand which is popular in many countries.

Classic luxury bedroom furniture

Classic wooden bedroom furniture

Discover the collection of classic bedroom furniture brand Avenanti Italia. The Avenanti collection of classic bedrooms meets the requirements of the most sophisticated customer who wants a luxury classic bedroom with wooden upholstered beds, luxurious bedside tables, best quality toilet cabinets.

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November 12th, 2022