Classic style de luxe bedroom furniture Meteora Italy.

Classic bedroom wardrobe Meteora 1

Wardrobe 2 doors classic bedroom made of wood Live code_5304. Sizes:  L 156, W 68, H 210 CM. Price 5.560 Euros VAT included

Wardrobe 4 doors classic bedroom made of wood Live code_5304-4. Sizes:  L 312, W 68, H 210 CM. Price 8.215 Euros VAT included

Classic bedroom wardrobe Meteora

Wardrobe detail 2 doors classic bedroom made of wood Live code_5304. Sizes:  L 156, W 68, H 210 CM. Price 5.560 Euros VAT included

Wardrobe detail 2 doors classic bedroom

Wardrobe with sliding doors classic bedroom made of wood Atlas code_900. Sizes:  L 274, W 69, H 260 CM. Price 6.875 Euros VAT included.

Classic bedroom wardrobe made of wood Levis code_910

Classic bedroom wardrobe made of wood Levis code_910. Sizes:  L 293, W 64, H 245 CM. Price 9.275 Euros VAT included.

Delivery time in 45-65 days.

The combination of materials used to make this collection is carefully selected thus the natural wood together with the fine fabrics used to produce the upholstered beds provide maximum endurance and the comfort of a classic luxury bedroom.

The elegance and refinement which a bedroom chest or nightstand from Meteora collection can provide are given by the finishes and materials combined, wood structures with drawers of MDF, handmade painting applied on the drawers and the handmade sculpture embroidery gives value and uniqueness to each bedroom furniture.

Classic bedroom wardrobe

The furniture range is part of the luxury Meteora line and it is a great choice for any type of architectural project. Those who are familiar with the Meteora luxury range know that these furniture items surpass any imagination from an esthetic point of view. However, those who don’t know much about the Italian luxury furniture brand, can leaf through the photo gallery that belongs to the Nobili Design firm and see various residential as well as commercial projects that showcase furniture pieces by the Meteora brand.

Each interior design project is different so the client’s choices are also very different. If you are looking for a classic furniture style which can look great with different interior design styles, the Meteora range will surprise your with a vast variety of classic as well as modern furniture items. The furniture from the Paradise collection for instance can be successfully used in both classic and modern interior design projects.

The Nobili Design specialists are bold as far as the use of the luxury furniture range is concerned, both for modern as well as classic living rooms or dinning rooms. The rounded, elegant and subtle edges of the italian bedroom furniture range make these furniture pieces quite sophisticated without having too many accessories. So consult with the interior design experts and choose the right version for your luxury architectural design project.

You can now place an order for the bedroom furniture set or armchairs through the Nobili Design importer. The specialists recommend any of the italian furniture collection in order to furbish a residential space such as house or a apartment as well as redesigning a commercial space like a restaurant, a hotel or an event saloon.

This type of furniture is appraised both for the elegance of the pieces and the high quality wood used in manufacturing this collection by the Italian Meteora brand. The Italian producer is always first in line, as it launches unique bedroom luxury furniture collections which the clients can order via the authorized importer Nobili Design. Nobili Design is more than just an interior design company.

We are a family of talented architects and designers who are famous for their successful projects all over Europe and across oceans. Not only we provide architecture and interior design services but we also deal with helping our clients choosing the best materials, furniture and appliances for their homes. We greet our clients with classic furniture that fits any type of interior and which can bring comfort and relaxation in your personal space.

We also have a wide variety of modern, contemporary, eclectic, Scandinavian or Mediterranean style projects for which we can ensure you the right type of furniture, materials, decorations. Being the first choice of many clients from Paris, Rome, London, Madrid, Berlin, Barcelona, Hamburg, Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Bucharest, and many other major cities around the world, we are open to online collaborations that have been very successful so far.

Our furniture is very luxurious, created with high-quality materials that can exceed any expectations. Our interior design specialists offer advices in terms of choosing your most wanted style of furniture. Here we will also communicate you the right prices and assure you the terms and dates of furniture delivery.

July 13th, 2024