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Classic style de luxe bedroom furniture Meteora Italy. Luxury bedroom style luxury furniture collection Gio producer Meteora Italy. The wide range of beds, bedside tables and comforters satisfy customers who want the latest generation of furniture.classic luxury bedroom furniture gio 1classic luxury bedroom furniture gio 2Upholstered de luxe bed Gio code_6031. Sizes: L 205 l 191 H 127 CM. Price 3.860 Euros VAT included. (discount -15% of the price shown).classic luxury bedroom furniture gio 3Chest with 3 drawers Gea code_6035. Sizes: L 128 l 53 H 93 CM. Price 3.250 Euros VAT included. (discount -15% of the price shown).classic luxury bedroom furniture gio 4Upholstered luxury chair Zara code_469. Sizes: L 68 l 67 H 89 CM. Price 1.375 Euros VAT included. (discount -15% of the price shown).classic luxury bedroom furniture gio 5Bedroom mirror Glamour code_6021. Sizes: L 85 H 77 CM. Price 950 Euros VAT included. (discount -15% of the price shown).

There is a special discount of -15% of the total value for a complete set order (1 bed, 2 nightstands, chest, clothes wardrobe).

Delivery time in 45-65 days.

The combination of the materials used for producing this collection is carefully selected so the natural wood used for producing the upholstered beds in combination with the fine fabrics provides maximum reliability and comfort to a classic de luxe bedroom.

The elegance and refinement which a bedroom chest or nightstand from Meteora collection can provide are given by the finishes and materials combined, wood structures with drawers of MDF, handmade painting applied on the drawers and the handmade sculpture embroidery gives value and uniqueness to each bedroom furniture.

European style classic bedroom furniture allows to generate some exclusive residential pojects, the wide range of large size and different styles beds, satisfy a wide range of customers who wish the latest elegant beds.

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