Classic hotel room interior design

Nobili design presents a successful classic interior design project for hotel rooms. These hotel rooms are elegant, luxurious and make every tourist feel like in a home-away-from-home.

Make yourself feel like home and let Nobili Design introduce you to their latest commercial projects: classic hotel rooms design. These projects are very successful across Europe and oceans, exceeding the expectations of our clients. Regardless of the space we are working with, our talented designers have always demonstrated the fact that the classic style is able to adapt to any type of environment, satisfying even the most rigorous requests.

Despite the fact that the classic style presents itself as a rigid or even somber style, modern aspects are used to sweeten the harshness of the original style and are able to bring the perfect splice between simple, elegant and lush. In the classic style prevails the warm and neutral shades, usually fine combinations between white, beige, cream, gold, which put together with the dark colors used in the furniture or displayed among small details, offer the place an intimate, comfortable yet imposing aspect.

For this specific interior design for our commercial portfolio, the hotel rooms are pretty generous in size, so we took the chance and developed ideas of furnishing the furniture along with combinations of warm and neutral shades so that we can create the ideal home-away-from-home for your tourists. The shades of cream, beige, and gold, delight you in a bright yet elegant and intimate atmosphere. The presence of the warm-colored wallpaper, the beautiful total picture combined with the white wood furniture along with decorative details from the same color palette, convey a chamber specially created for relaxation.

The splashes of color found in curtains or coverlets are creating a beautifully envisioned contrast which brings a note o intimacy to the hotel room and sets the perfect mood for a healthy, long nap. Nobili Design team has a wide experience with successful projects developed over 10 years in important cities like Rome, Paris, Milan, London, Dubai, Sao Paolo and many more.

Our procedure is starting with getting to know you and your ideas by sending a set of questions. If you own a 2D projects, please do send it to us so we can envision your desires and create the perfect interior design that will best suit your hotel, hotel rooms, shop, salon and more.