Modern hotel room interior design

Nobili Interior Design aim is to put a smile on its client's face and have successful projects all over the world. The commercial part of our portfolio is filled with luxurious hotel rooms that are both welcoming and comfortable, offering a sense of home away from home. In the styles chosen for interior decorations made by our company, one can observe the attention to detail and especially the attention to the client’s needs, so that the whole project can reflect the owner’s tastes and make their mark.

As we’ve become accustomed, in the modern style prevail the warm and neutral shades, usually fine combinations between white, beige, cream, gold, which put together with the dark colors used in the furniture or displayed among small details, offer the place an intimate, comfortable yet imposing aspect. With more than 10 years of experience, we know that choosing a hotel while traveling is the most important aspect; foreign places that make you feel like home are the ones who make you return.

Our designers' goal was to obtain an opulent space with luxurious furniture and decorative details that can impress at first sight. The hotel rooms represent a good starting point for noticing the fineness of the modern style, starting with the combination of warm shades such as beige and cream, together with the white furniture with golden details and accents of brown, black and grey. Tones of cream, along with the golden details of the lightning fittings, have contributed to the set up of a bright and aesthetic room.

These modern hotel rooms interiors are made to impress every tourist that takes a step in. Our goal was to have a wonderful hotel room interior design that can fit any taste ad that can satisfy even the most rigorous customers while enriching our commercial portfolio with another successful project. Nobili team is ready to face up any challenge and because we love to think BIG, our designers can provide their services all around Europe and across oceans. We delivered important projects in Rome, London, Milan, Sao Paolo, Dubai, and many more major cities.

Get in touch with us on the email address: office.nobilidesign[@], send us your 2D projects if you have something in mind, or you can just answer a set of questions that will help us elaborate the perfect 3D project for you.

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Hotel Room Modern Design

Modern hotel room interior design

October 2nd, 2019