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With more than 12 years experience in creating the perfect interior design projects for our commercial customers, Nobili team work is based on professionalism, innovation, and uniqueness. We take into consideration every rigorous demand of our customers and manage to succeed in every project we create.

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Our talented interior designers and architects are ready to take on a commercial projects no matter if it’s a classic, modern, contemporan, eclectic, tradtional, rustic or Mediteraneean style. While creating these wonderful, unique concepts, Nobili team has come up with restaurants, café bars, hotels and hotel rooms, beauty salons, shops, flower shops, medical clinics, etc, all exceeding luxury and elegance.

For the commercial portfolio our best designers always tried to keep up with all the details our customers asked for. We have the mission of fulfilling dreams and desires by making successful interior designs, and this is the main reason why we greet our clients with a wide range of interior materials imported from the largest manufacturers in countries such as Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, and France.

Our interior design projects and we highlight the fine lines, along with a palette of natural shades that have created an exclusive atmosphere that fully satisfied our customer’s requirements. Most of the times, every interior design style comes with beautiful colors, details on stretched surfaces, and the furniture represents the best reflection of the style, thanks to its luxurious and elegant lines. In every interior design style, we meet extravagance, and we certainly have good taste given by the careful choice of materials and furniture.

Our commercial projects: hotels, restaurants, beauty shops, hotels and many more are created with lots of dedication and professionalism. Our best interior designers are preocupied to keep the projects in a quiet airy mood, so our interior designers usually think big: open-space rooms, large and wide windows, spacious hallways, extended areas and allowances. All the meticulously and thoughtfully chosen materials are creating unique interior decor styles, where elegance and luxury are found in every inch and corner of the project.

September 1st, 2021