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Classic living room furniture Meteora Italy.Classic living room furniture Live 1Classic living room furniture Live 2Upholstered luxury sofa Belle Epoque code_486. Sizes: H 97, L 190, W 79 CM. Price 4,000 Euros VAT included. (-15% discount from the shown price).Classic living room furniture Live 3Upholstered armchair Belle Epoque code_487. Sizes: H 96, L 81, W 74 CM. Price 2,300 Euros VAT included. (-15% discount from the shown price).Classic living room furniture Live 4Bookcase for living room Eros code_5311. Sizes: H 211, L 160, W 50 CM. Price 4,300 Euros VAT included. (-15% discount from the shown price).

There is a -15% discount from the total order which comprises the full collection (coffee table, armchairs, bookcase).

Delivery time 45-65 days.

The classic living room furniture European style allow developing some exclusive residential projects, a full range of upholstered sofas, armchairs and tables.These are satisfying a wide range of customers who desire the latest elegant furniture.

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Classic luxury living room furniture Live | Classic living room furniture

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