Nobili Design is an architecture and interior design service provider. We are your best choice for creating a classic or contemporary interior design for home or even restaurants, hotels, shops, beauty salons. We are ready to work for you, no matter how big or small your query might be.

A room needs a clever interior designer, who has not only creativity but also thinks outside the box. We are proud of our team that meets every single demand and even exceeds the customer expectations. In a small room it is very important to select useful furniture that is also very good looking and of a good material. If you invest in high quality furniture it will look awesome and will prove its value in time, as it’s both functional and pleasant to see. It is recommended to have a light color as the background on the walls and maybe some fine shapes that make the room seem larger.

In the kitchen you might need some multifunctional items and that can be converted. As an example you might need a foldable table that can be reduced when you don’t need room for many people, like in the morning at breakfast. With a taste for innovation, you can merge the kitchen area with the dining area and take the lunch in one space. The open space kitchen can be extended with a dining table and chairs area and place a two seats and armchairs next to the TV.

A small bedroom can be made of a bed and a sliding door wardrobe and this way you don’t have to stress about the opening doors. In any case it’s best to call a specialist in interior design, so here we are to bring our passion at work. With a broad portfolio of classic and contemporary projects, we deliver interior design concepts across Europe and even more.

For us any project size is taken into consideration and we are ready to help you find the most attractive concept for your needs. With customers across cities such as Madrid and Barcelon in Spain, Touluse and Lion in France or Lisbon, Porto in Portugal, we are there where you need us.

May 11th, 2019