New classic interior design concepts

The classic architectural style is characterized by refinement, fine organization, remarkable details, neutral and concordant colors, elegance and precision. The Nobili Design specialists surprised all these elements in the project, respectively the interior design of the classic house in Rijeka, the atemporality of the classic style being increasingly perceived by people who choose this style that not only does not disappear, which was improved only with the help of our specialists.

The entry of the house is fabulous, from the beginning it visually impacts through special attention points: the layered parquet (Gazzoti Italy), chosen carefully by our specialists, the classical classic furniture (Francesco Passi Italia), the chandelier and the ornamental chandeliers (Ideal Lux Italia), and last but not least, the chromatic space, specific to the classic style, a mélange of beige, cream, sunset, gray, coffee with milk and chamois.