The project that our designers from Nobili Design have designed, consisting of interior design classic house in Paris France, can be described in one word: grandeur. interior design clasic house paris france 2019 | classic european interior home design.interior design clasic house paris france concept | top interior design firms in paris.interior design clasic house paris france prices | interior design companies in paris interior design clasic house paris france | interior design agency paris interior design clasic house paris france | interior designers paris france.portfolio interior design clasic house paris france | modern classic interior home design paris.interior design clasic house paris france | interior design office paris france.classic interior design for living house paris france | interior design companies in Paris France.interior design clasic house paris france monaco | interior design companies in monaco.interior design clasic house paris france studio | interior design studio parisinterior design clasic house paris france architectural | architectural firms in france.interior design clasic house paris france | architectural firms in france.The project aimed at setting up a classic-style upstairs house.

The details are important for the classic style, so the arrangement of the whole space required a balance between the color, the texture, the decoration objects and the materials used, all this to create a stylish and elegant environment. The ground floor of the house begins with a spacious living room and a straight lobby that allows access to the other rooms on the ground floor. Marble, a Greek word that means "shining" is the first detail that affects the look, because of the color and pattern chosen, it creates the feeling of luxury and elegance. The table, the mirror and the crystal-chandelier give a note of space, and the decorative cornice around the hall, separating it from the living room, contributes to the shaping of the classic surroundings. The living room was fitted with massive Italian furniture, the sofa and armchairs giving the bourgeois air of the 18th century. It is preserved the idea of the details of the decorative cornice and the suspended chandelier, along with decorative objects such as vases, lamps, plants or decorative frames similar to the paintings, outlining the living space. The colors chosen by our specialists, namely beige, cream, chamois, nanchin, light gray, along with the minor contrast of the English imperial green drapery, perfectly harmonize the space. The kitchen is another climax of the room, which also carries the classic style. The furniture is white, solid, embellished, carved with fine decorative details, which is distinguished by elegance. It is organized in two areas, one for dining and one for lounge. The chosen colors continue to those in the living room, adding the dark gray color of the sofa and the seats. This room keeps also the decorative elements, the large suspended chandelier, the draperies corresponding to the living room, so that the main requirement of the classic style, that of order, balance and rigor is found. Besides the bedrooms, it was possible to create an adjoining space, the dressing room, arranged airy, clean and orderly. The four bedrooms have been decorated by our specialists in a stylish, refined and distinguished manner. The classic style chosen for each bedroom is distinguished by the beauty, harmony and precision of the combinations chosen for colors, furniture, decoration and textures. The beds are majestically upholstered, with details that give elegance, the colors are warm, complementary, line, but also the minimal color points made by curtains and decorative cushions that balance the landscape. It can be noticed that our specialists did not resort to the fast and exacerbated loading of the bedrooms, managing to create order, balance and peace, which must instill the resting space. The dressing couch is the accessory that delights the look and gives the classic breeze to this room. The two bathrooms complete the space in one unit, keeping the same fine and refined notes. One of the bathrooms is equipped with a bathtub and the other one with a shower, respecting different choices. The carefully detailed mirrors, suspended chandeliers, glowing marble and elegant furnishings outline the taboo of elegance, intimacy and warmth to bathrooms, our specialists being able to capture the signature features of classic style. The whole project was designed with great attention to details, to the chromaticity, to the perfect combination of materials, furniture and chosen textures, making the classic style house in Paris France a special choice.

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