This gorgeous classic house interior design was perfectly created for our clients, who love elegance, luxury, and opulence. Nobili Design team created a unique interior design project who will satisfy even the most rigorous demands. In this project, the space used is a generous one, an aspect that gave us the possibility to develop ideas of furniture arrangement along with the combination of warm and neutral shades so as to create a perfect home for our client.

Although the classic style was presented as a rigid and perhaps sober style, the modern aspects of today soften the hardness of the original style and bring the perfect combination between simple, elegant and lush. For more than 10 years now, Nobili Interior Design has a weakness for perfection and this can be observed in every detail we crate, so as the whole project to reflect the tastes of the owner and have a personality of its own. In the classic style, usually fine combinations between white, beige, cream, gold, which, together with dark colors used in furniture or found in small details, give the home an intimate, comfortable look but imposing at the same time.

In order to decorate the Dinning area, an open-space room, the designers and the client chose to use classic, white wood furniture that gives a stylish, elegant and refined look. The Dinning area is carefully decorated with golden inserts that we find in the wallpaper delimited by the white pillars, in decorative elements, and chandeliers and which are present in a house decorated in the classic style. The turquoise stain is noted in the upholstery of the chairs positioned in the dining area and creates a space with intimate notes in which the customer can enjoy the meal with family and friends. As you can see, the living room is directly connected to the Dinning area and the kitchen. The creamy chandeliers with golden inserts, along with black and turquoise accents, found in draperies, decorative objects and at the coffee table, create the perfect space for a relaxing afternoon.

Even though the classic style often leads us to a rigid and sober look, the modern elements offer a more simplistic aspect but as elegant as the original classic style. From a total perspective, we notice how this project came to meet our client's demands creating the perfect space for a family who loves elegance and luxury. The classic style, elegantly and subtly combined with modern elements, made this project a successful one.

Gorgeous House Classic Interior Design

Elegant House Interior Design

December 15th, 2019