This elegant residence is characterized by a classic style, brought to the contemporary by several elements perfectly integrated with this wonderful classic interior design project. The interior is designed to create interesting angles and amplify the feeling of space. For more than 10 years now, the team of Nobili Design specialists takes into account what their clients really want and you can observe in all our projects, that each interior design is unique, has its own personality and reflects the client's aesthetic taste and requirements.

We have projects all over the world and we pride ourselves with complex commercial and residential portfolios. Classic lines play an important role in this interior, and even though there are plenty of modern appliances, the over whole classic style can be found in furniture, decorative elements and in the mixture of colors.

Nowadays, the classic does not mean the same over-loaded, excessive or ostentatious spaces filled with massive furniture. The modern classic luxury interiors can be at the same time open, bright, spacious, but also as sumptuous as the old classic interior design project. The opulence is not translated by a baroque agglomeration of extravagant elements, but rather by distinct and refined lines and forms. Excess and visual overload can have the opposite effect, betraying the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčelegance.

The decoration of a classic style house implies the choice of refined and luxurious decoration elements. The wide range of furniture products, lighting fixtures and appliances offered by Nobili Design allows you to create a personalized interior design project that will soon become a home for you and your family. Each choice will be easier due to the advice and suggestions of a team of specialists who will help you in creating a classic style home exactly how you always dreamt of.

Nobili team of talented architects and designers provide interior design projects all over the world and gathered in a decade a well-worthed experience based on creativity, innovation, and originality. We offer interior design services and provide concepts for your home interior at convenient prices, and we greet you with the best interior designers you’ll ever deal with. To transform a dream into a real home, let our team do their magic and exceed your expectations.

Luxury Design for Classic House

Classic Home Elegant Design

December 15th, 2019