Classic residential projects - Luxury classic interior concepts

The description of classic style may seem difficult if you take into account the many features and main characteristics that define this style of interior design. Classic style in interior design is precious, valuable and remarkable.

Although it is presented as a simple style, in depth this style is a complex one. Through the interior design concepts by the team of architects and designers from Nobili Design in locations such as London, Madrid, Rome, Milano, Paris, Berna, Zürich, the classic style gets a dreamlike picture. Dedication, involvement and professionalism, in conjunction with the experience gained over time, recommends our specialists, who have the ability to visualize and create unique classical projects.

The services provided by Nobili Design include both interior and exterior fittings. Regarding the interior decoration of a classic house, some details are good to remember. Thus, details are the key to the success of a classic arrangement. Although they may seem insignificant, the details crinkle this style. Therefore, you will choose a complementary color, consisting of warm colors such as beige, cream, light gray, or pastel colors. The furniture has to be classic, of colors relevant to this style, to show fine or sculpted details. Nobili Design specialists recommend the use of Italian classic Italian brand Francesco Passi Italia, as it is renowned for its high quality and outstanding looks.

Bedrooms chosen by Nobili Design for classic style are elegant, refined, upholstered. We also recommend the use of a high-quality, high-quality parquet italian, which will last in time and is available in all classic models, styles and colors. Besides chromatic and furniture, the choice of a tile and a faience is important because, depending on their model and quality, the bathroom and / or the kitchen will emanate a classically distinguished and stylish air. In this regard, specialists will recommend the use of an Italian branded tile or faience that helps to shape such a space.

As we said, classic style in interior design is remarkable due to the details used. They have a special role, but they require remarkable vision and attention, as their misuse or incorrect positioning, or inferior quality, can create the feeling of loading or false space, unmistakably classicism. For this, architects from Nobili Design choose to decorate the tasteful space by creating decorative profiles and cornices, integrating elegant and sophisticated decorative chandeliers and lamps or a complete multi-lighting system integrated into the ceiling that artificially illuminates the diffused space.

Curtains and veils have usually key shades, matching them with decorative items such as decorative pillows or furniture. The final note of the ambient is completed for the classic style by the insertion of specific design elements that are designed to embellish and inspire the life of the whole room. So, the specialists of Nobili Design are remarkable by adding paintings, decorative mirrors, vases, bowls, classical clocks, decorative pillows, or plants in classical pots.

Nobili Design architectural studio services are offered with professionalism and seriousness, with dedication and extraordinary vision, for each client, realizing a unique and special project, depending on your preferences, needs and possibilities.

May 6th, 2021