Interior Design Concept for a Luxury one Storey House in Monaco 98000

A very dear new interior design project was made for a luxury one storey house in Monaco. The owners, a family with a special affinity for refinement and good taste, wanted a precious interior design that would present a beautiful classic story of aristocratic nobles.

Classic Living Room Furniture Monaco 98000

Features of the design concept for the Monaco house

After listening in detail to everyone's preferences and desires, I outlined a remarkable design, inspired by classic luxury. Being a slightly more atypical project in terms of housing structure, it took an extra touch of creativity and ingenuity. Thus, the final project managed to frame the 6 rooms of the house with a floor in a luxury design, according to the preferences of our clients. The result only managed to amaze and arouse remarks about the concept. To outline an overview of this large project, we invite you to discover together the distinct interior design features of each room.

Living area: the main part of the house in Monaco

From the first steps in your home in Monaco, you will be greeted by a huge space, in lobby style, in the form of a classic open-space living room. The predilection for the shades chosen in the design of the living room had a clear motivation: to give the space a refined and distinct note and to create attractive contrasts. As we will see later, the leitmotifs of this interior design are the choice of Italian wooden furniture, massive lighting fixtures, warm decorations and discreet or imposing decoration in shades of gold.

Home materials in Monaco are from the premium range

Carrara marble creates a huge Greek mosaic and offers the space a new perspective, wider and more open. A classic crystal chandelier is centrally located to amplify the classic specifics of the arrangement. We can not ignore the design of the decorative elements of the railing. The harmonious combination of golden shapes with natural wood support attracts the eye both by contrast and by shapes and textures. Within the same space, in order to take advantage of the construction of the living room, we chose to install a sofa and a coffee table, in a side area. We managed to create a discreet but comfortable place. The blue shade of the sofa upholstery attracts attention by creating a splash of color, a focal point and a clear delimitation of the living room. This location was also a purely strategic one in order to create a central corridor that would allow the passage, both to the dinning area and to the bedroom located upstairs.

The new classic style predominates in the Monaco house

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The advantages of the classic Italian style for a house in Monaco

The design of the next room sublime complements the classic details of the living room, thanks to the open-space surface. The arrangement of the dining room is a successful example of integrating a closed contrast in a small space. This dining area offers a touch of luxury through the subtle combinations of black and gold. In addition, this time we opted for precious materials. The marble attracts and leads to the dining area, where the 12-person natural wood table features classic Italian design influences. It is supported by a central element, in the form of an ancient pillar that also has an extremely practical utility. As the space is small, the chairs can be moved much easier, thus offering a much more comfortable dining experience.

We can also see an application of the principle of balance and proportions in a very special way. The rectangular pattern in contrast of brown and gold applied on the marble is identified with the rectangular led shell placed on the ceiling. The golden inserts on both architectural elements create a pleasant and distinguished visual balance. This time the chandelier is a simple but contrasting one, which folds perfectly for such a space. At the same time, we can see a predilection for amplifying natural light. For the interior design of the whole house, we opted for curtains and drapes made of quality but light textiles, which enhance the refinement and warmth of the whole house.

Modern luxury villa or classic style house in Monaco?

Of course the choice is yours, our clients have opted for a house project made in classic style with luxury Italian furniture.

Turnkey house project in Monaco

Also on the ground floor of the house we created and arranged an area with a fireplace, being an ideal space for both relaxation and dining. The open plan to the dining room amplifies the visual perspective, but also offers a continuity of the entire design. Thus, we opted for the integration of the same classic black and white contrast, but discreet, through an elegant chest of drawers, identical chandeliers and sconces. At the same time, we followed the same balanced and proportional design between the floor and the ceiling. In terms of the architectural style of the walls, we have discreetly integrated a warm shade of cream that offers an extremely pleasant overall visual look.

Practical guide to project implementation in Monaco

November 20th, 2022