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When it comes to architecture and interior arrangements in Maseru, classic interior designs are by far the most luxurious and glamorous. The residential portfolio in Maseru contains a wide range of incredibly luxurious projects for flats or any type of classic house you would like to call it home. Below, you can check one of our latest classic interior design projects, created by Nobili Design talented designers. We provide you 3D interior design projects and services in Maseru and we also can deliver all the materials and classic furniture in need.

Seriousness, determination, creativity, imagination, and professionalism are the main features of our Maseru interior designers, a group of people who design and implement classic interior projects that become home for our clients. We have a wide range of projects in Maseru starting from 2-3 floored classic houses, detached flats, semi-detached flats, and studio-flats.

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As for the classic style in Maseru, it can be said that it is one of those interior design styles that never go out of style. Based on classical principles, the main qualities of this style are proportions and symmetry. 

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The color palette of this Maseru  classic interior design is inspired by nature, being dominated by shades of yellow, blue, green, brown, or gray. The ornaments on the walls are indispensable to this design style so the gold and silver details emanate a feeling of luxury and glamor. Natural wood, marble, or stone floors are best suited for Maseru houses decorated in a classic style. Wood is most widely used from general materials. 

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Nobili Design company has been the market leader since 2008 in personalized, original, and unique interior design services and architecture in Maseru and all over the world. We earned our client's trust by providing excellent online and face-to-face design services in Maseru, complex residential and commercial portfolios, and unique, custom-made homes. 

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October 22nd, 2022