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The classic interior design style is still a highly preferred decor style by the clients, being a timeless and beloved one. If you are in need of a change in your two-storey house in Bratislava , for such a property, the designers recommend a style that is synonym with elegance and good taste. The classic furniture pieces can easily be noticed as they have a refined aspect having exquisite finishing touches that are high quality ones. No matter if some have austere lines while others are more detailed with small sculpted elements, such an Italian furniture will look amazing in every room of you two-storey house.

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The team of designers will always consult with the client before initiating the actual furnishing of the house. The client’s opinion comes first in these types of architectural projects because everything that is being incorporated in this house, must represent the client’s taste and preferences. When we are talking about the chromatics of a classic interior design style, we think of sober shades, but the specialists recommend warmer hues such as crème, beige or ivory for a brighter living room or bedroom. Nobili Design works closely with top manufactures as far as materials and accessories for interior design, so we only recommend quality products. If you want to go for the same classic allure as far as the finishing touches for the two-storey house, we should focus on wood. Bicouse it is elegant, it is qualitative and it is classy.

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This is a highly inspired choice not just for the furniture but for the floor as well. Opt for a multi-layered floor for the kitchen, the living room and the hallway. The small bits and bobs that are part of the décor are very important. Although some would say that some simple lighting installations won’t do much for a living room or a hallway, the expertise of those from Nobili Designs proves quite the opposite. Adding a grand chandelier or some fancy scones in the rooms of your home in Bratislava , the latter spaces have a totally different aura. To complete this look, we can opt for some large-sized mirrors which have nicely crafted frames, expensive china or even glass objects. Other small details such as the precious fabrics for instance velvet, silk or taffeta can be found in armchairs and the chairs in the room, but also in the drapes and decorative pillows. Playing around with textures and certain materials as well as textiles is essential when we want to go for a classic interior design style.Trust the visions of the Nobili Design team for your classic two-storey house inBratislava

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Redecorating  two- storey  houses are ample architectural projects that involve a lot of work. Such residential projects require the advice and talent of experienced architects and designers like the Nobili Design ones. If you want a classic style house, allow yourselves to be counseled and guided by people with vision and talent. Space can be a great advantage when we are referring to a residential project. If you own spacious rooms in a two-storey house, each nook can be planned in a very useful manner. Such large spaces require personalized items, so Nobili Design suggests custom made furniture, imported from Italy to the clients. If you have a wide living room, you must go for custom made furniture, based on the measurements of the room.

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So, a massive wooden bookcase, very tall and classy, in the color of natural wood can be a central piece in this room. Besides this, you can opt for a furnished sofa with materials that make us think of elegance and refinement. The premium range manufacturers with whom we collaborate offer a vast array of materials and more. When we say materials and textile for a classic décor style, we mean velvet or even silk, any type of soft fabric. To finish off this classic look for the living room,the designers include most of the times delicate and posh elements. The paintings can beautify the walls, the mirrors as well and of course the lighting installations are essential to obtain a stately room with powerful lighting during nighttime.

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The pieces that hang from the ceiling must be both statement and opulent ones. The bedroom from a classic two-storey house in Bratislava city, is the most intimate space in the house, so no matter the pieces we choose, we must maintain the same classic allure. An elegant panel bed, some nightstands made from massive wood in neutral shades and even some stately decorations are a great choice. Let’s not forget about the lighting installations which depending on the model you choose from the premium range, can be either more sophisticated or simple. In each room, the specialist’s suggestion implies a multi-layered wooden floor, by the brand Kahrs. The Nobili Design team of specialists can easily transform any plain room into an elegant and tasteful one. No matter how big the client’s vision and fantasies are, we are up for any challenge because we are guided by passion and talent. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want a change for your two-storey house in Bratislava city.

December 8th, 2022