Interior design Bucharest - Residential and Commercial

The Architecture and Interior Design Nobili Design Company is specialized in interior design, both in houses, apartments design and in the design of restaurants, hotel rooms, event and wedding salon or beauty salons with a large portfolio in Bucharest and other cities from Romania.

We attach great importance to each interior design project, so to arrange a meeting with our team of specialists you can contact us by phone or via the contact form. To meet and discuss your project, email the building's sketches, some details about the design style you want, and we will answer you with the customized price offer by going to the location for detailed discussions on the project interior design.

Thus, we place special emphasis on the open relationship we have with each client, so that the end result of the interior design will be enjoyed by any customer who uses the services offered by our design studio in Bucharest.

The wide range of interior and exterior design projects made by team of architects and designers at Nobili Design in Bucharest are soul projects, projects that designers have imagined to the smallest detail, starting with the choice of materials for flooring, furniture, appliances, finishing with wall paint or wallpaper, decoration items or lighting sources.

Every interior design concept made by Nobili Design in Bucharest is unique, it is personalized, expressing personality and lifestyle of each client who worked with us and is of course novel, as Nobili Design concepts bear the mark of excellence and professionalism our specialists in interior and exterior design.

Interior design Bucharest

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Classic interior design Bucharest

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Modern interior design

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Interior design Restaurants in Bucharest

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Residential interior designer Bucharest

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Commercial interior design Bucharest

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August 28th, 2021