Choosing furniture for the entire home is a broad process that requires both knowledge in the field of design and a fairly acute aesthetic sense. You will need to know how to combine each color and design element to create an admirable atmosphere. To help you, we have created a list of 6 pieces of modern Italian furniture that you must consider when you want to arrange your bedroom.

Create a luxurious atmosphere with a modern upholstered Italian bed

With a revolutionary or minimalist design, the modern Italian bed will become the centerpiece of your bedroom. Quality upholstery, made of noble materials such as fabric, leather or velvet, offers you a wide possibility to choose from a diversified color palette. Thus, any idea of ​​chromatic contrast can become a reality. It is really recommended, at least for spacious bedrooms, to opt for juxtapositions of shades and combinations of complementary tones and undertones to create a timeless luxury effect. If the bedroom is a smaller one, you can choose a single main shade and a few subtones of colors to combine in a unitary visual color.

Dressing wood wardrobe for a modern bedroom

A modern dressing room is practical, elegant and extremely useful in the bedroom of any family. Such a wardrobe will give you a generous space for all your clothing items, but also an extremely pleasant design, which will integrate effectively into any design idea. For the modern style, it is recommended to opt for a light shade of the dressing closet that is close to the shades of the other furniture items in the bedroom. But you can also opt for a contrasting shade of black, if it does not affect the perception of space. Black tones tend to darken a room, creating the perception of much smaller space. A dark shade, however, will create a contrast of effect, but you will have to opt for other decorative elements or smaller pieces of furniture, in the same color tone, to create a chromatic symmetry.

Bedside tables - the secret of a balanced furniture

Modern Italian bedside tables have a minimalist and eccentric design, being extremely visually pleasing. For an effect arrangement, we recommend that the bed be placed centrally, so as to allow efficient circulation throughout the room. In addition, this type of location increases comfort and helps to create a balanced layout. Thus, two modern bedside tables will be needed, practically located next to each side of the bed. Related to design and color, Italian artisans have created a lot of bedroom furniture collections from which you can be inspired, but we recommend that the bedside tables follow the color line chosen for the bed.

Choose a simple Italian bedside comfort or make-up

Of course you can opt for all three types of chest of drawers, but you will need a lot of space to place them. For a relatively small bedroom, a simple chest of drawers, in the shades of the chosen wardrobe, is more than enough. You can also choose a bedside table, but you will have to make sure that its location will still allow you easy access to the different corners of the room. The make-up dresser is optional, but if you opt for it, you will get a fully furnished, modern, elegant and extremely practical bedroom.

Buy Italian furniture from trusted brands

In addition to all this, you could also consider placing one or two armchairs, for extra comfort, arranging a desk, and possibly a bedroom bench. Modern Italian furniture will transform your room, giving it a contemporary, eccentric and luxurious air. For other tips on choosing the right furniture for your home, you can fill out the contact form, and we will contact you as soon as possible to provide you with all the necessary information.

November 14th, 2022