Hello! Looking on Google and still no idea how to furnish your future home? Considering decisions to make, we offer solutions for you to satisfy desire, need and quality. We display ideas put together to make a possible list of your most loved pieces of modern and classic Italian dining room furniture. It inspires and offer you that help for a good decision that everyone will enjoy and enquire.

And no, you don't have to bound yourself to just modern or classic furniture search, many of our Italian furniture pieces offer you many possibilities to create a complex and unique design in just combining different furnishing style.

Discover Modern Dining Room Furniture

We all want our home to look special and unique and have that something that gives it a distinctive, homey personality. Most villas or apartments are furnished to each family's taste, instead our tips will help you acquire a distinctive architectural design. If you like non-conformist designs, contrasting or natural colours and wish your living room to fully represent your personality, then modern Italian furniture is what you need.

From our range of modern living room furniture, we can recommend the Cantori Italian furniture collection. You have plenty of luxurious furniture items to choose from and combine, just the way you like it. A stylish display cabinet next to a nonconformist dresser and a sofa that catches your eye as soon as you walk in the door? Nothing could be simpler, this collection will let your imagination fly and give you just the design you've been wanting for your living room.

Photos with Classic Living Room Furniture

If you're a fan of furniture from royal tales, you'll definitely want to transform your home into a palace of elegance. How should you furnish your living room in this case? We have one recommendation for you: classic furniture. You'll enjoy the elegance and live your own story with a happy ending in a fairytale setting. We already know you've started to imagine the whole story.

Would you like your living room to be a pristine white one with lots of ivory furniture and an extremely refined sofa, or perhaps you need a more sober and distinguished living room where woody shades predominate? The Avenanti collection of classic Italian furniture offers such a rich range of possibilities. From classic baroque-style furniture to that which fully defines the nuances of elegance through fine lines and warm colours, you are sure to find the ideal combination for your living room.

Find out the trends for your home

Italian living room furniture: classic and modern

As I told you before, the possibilities remain endless. If you don't want the luxury design of your living room to follow a distinct style line, you can always combine classic Italian and modern furniture. A modern chest of drawers from the Deluxe collection, an elegant and classic sofa from the Avenanti collection, a non-conformist Palazzo coffee table and we've already created a new custom collection, which collections would you like to combine to give your living room a unique and personalised touch?

You will find an extremely varied collection of luxury furniture pieces for your living room and your entire home on Nobili Design. And if sometimes decisions are harder to make and you can't decide on a particular type of Italian furniture, we are always at your disposal for free advice. You can contact us at the phone number shown or via the contact form.

January 28th, 2023