Designing the living room in accordance with a modern style requires a lot of care in choosing furniture. Modern living room furniture must necessarily be elegant, refined and at the same time functional, as well as create a harmonious blend with the atmosphere of the entire home. The contemporary living room requires airy spaces, smooth surfaces and plenty of lighting. Colours are largely neutral, with the exception of one or more colour elements that provide that unique and personal touch to the living room.

In this context, each piece of furniture should be considered a defining element in creating a modern atmosphere, which requires making an informed choice that favours quality over quantity. Thus, you will need furniture items that offer attention to detail, decoration and quality finishes.

Italian living room furniture surprises and attracts attention

To furnish your modern living room correctly, you'll need to pay particular attention to the placement of furniture pieces in your space, both in terms of design and material combinations. A single piece of Italian furniture can wow and attract attention, enhancing the whole room and distinguishing a modern living room from a drab, simplistic living room.

With this in mind, we give you an overview of the features and qualities of two Nobili Design Italian Furniture collections for living rooms: the Couture SM Italia collection and the Cantori collection.

Elegant and functional Italian living room furniture

The Couture SM Italia collection is suitable for elegant homes, furnished in a style designed towards the modern. The collection includes sofas, armchairs and coffee tables with a contemporary design, which you can easily integrate into a modern, tastefully furnished living room. In addition, the colour palette is extremely diverse, allowing you to choose the colour shades that best suit your available space and personality.

The modern sofas available in this collection stand out for their glamorous design combined with the comfort and functionality that a quality sofa should necessarily have. You have the choice of the shape you want, and can opt for a linear sofa or a corner sofa that will create a modular and modern look in your living room. Upholstery colours can be customised according to the range of colours available in this collection. The fabric is embellished with hemmed profiles that accentuate elegance, as is the base decorated with metal fittings.

If you want to furnish your living room with elements that complement the space and add luxury to your living room, you can combine the upholstered sofas and armchairs with a coffee table, a chest of drawers and possibly a bookcase. All these pieces of furniture reflect the modern shapes and finishes that have become the collection's

Modern furniture pieces for an exclusive living room

The Cantori collection caters to the tastes of those who want to add a touch of refinement and luxury to their modern living room, whatever the space they have available. Here too, modern sofas, armchairs and coffee tables complete a refined yet comfortable collection, suitable for creating an exclusive environment. The gold side inserts of the Portofino Cantori sofa immediately draw attention and direct your focus to the centrepiece of the living room. So this type of sofa gives you the opportunity to place it anywhere you want, as its design and finish will make it the centrepiece of your living room. In addition to a wide variety of modern sofas, this collection also offers you plenty of refined pieces of furniture to make it easy to build a modern design in your living room.

Choosing to personalise your modern living room with items from the Cantori collection will help you create a personalised modern environment with exclusive, tasteful and quality choices.Another beautiful sofa collection is the Epoque Collection in withstanding colors, textures, materials and shape that makes it a really great choice for your living room.

Take inspiration from Italian living room collections and you'll achieve a perfectly elegant and sophisticated result, in keeping with the latest avant-garde style.

October 27th, 2022