If you're looking for a quick but stylish and on-trend makeover, modern furniture pieces are the perfect choice for you. If you also want to opt for quality, Italian furniture will turn every piece of furniture into a long-term investment. To create a refined and practical atmosphere you only need 4 pieces of modern furniture:

The sofa: modern, refined, comfortable and the centerpiece of the whole living room

The sofa is an essential design element for the living room. When we talk about the living room, sofas are undoubtedly the items that first attract attention. Any modern choice has to take into account two elements: the quality of the materials and the design of the product. Once you have seen the high quality level of Italian products and the refined design, it remains to choose the most suitable sofa for your needs.

You can opt for a two or three-seater sofa, corner, L-shaped or standard, in natural leather or precious fabrics. What's more, Italian manufacturers of modern furniture offer you a vast palette of fabrics and colors to combine as you wish. So our recommendation is to opt for a simple, warm-colored, linear sofa if you have a small living room, so that it gives the feeling of space and familiarity. For generous living rooms, where space is not an impediment to furnishing, you can easily choose a modern corner or L-shaped sofa to give an extravagant and refined atmosphere.

How do you choose a modern coffee table?

The possibilities are endless when you opt for Italian furniture. Established Italian collections offer you a diverse range of coffee tables and chests of drawers that you can integrate effectively into a modern design with effect. If you want to keep the idea of space, the modern trend is associated with design and practicality, a transparent glass coffee table is the ideal choice in such a situation. Placed on the same level and placed in front of the sofa a minimalist and practical furniture table will create a homely effect and a distinct touch of elegance. If you want to adopt a modern or exclusive style, you can opt for opulent coffee tables, such as those from the Italian Couture collection.

Modern furnishing trend: minimalist chairs or extravagant armchairs?

Both types of furniture lend themselves to this design style. So you can choose according to your own preferences and add a personal touch to your interior design. Modern armchairs are very different from classic armchairs, they focus more on providing a superlative relaxing experience and less on exclusive design. Thus, the design of the armchairs is simple, without winding details or decorative textile accessories. As for the design of the chairs, they follow the minimalist style: practical, elegant and comfortable. Given the differences between these two elements, the choice will depend strictly on your preferences and the space available for furnishing.

Modern dressers - practical, useful and stylish

A modern chest of drawers will subtly integrate into the design of a living room, giving you practical storage space. The modern design makes this piece of furniture extremely easy to furnish. Thus, choosing a modern chest of drawers will be done in terms of color, design, materials and functionality. Italian furniture manufacturers offer a wide variety of modern chests of drawers, both in terms of shape and functionality, so it will be easy to find the piece of furniture you need.

These 4 pieces of modern furniture will give you a new perspective on modern living, so that the whole atmosphere becomes personal, warm and trendy. For more details and advice on interior design and furnishing, the Nobili Design team offers free advice and useful tips to help you make the best furnishing decisions for your home.

October 23rd, 2022