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Learn from Designers how to Choose the Classic Sofa for your Living Room

Smooth lines, sinuous details, refined accents from centuries past. No wonder classic design is inspiring more and more people to furnish their home in this style. If you want a classic and refined living room, here's a guide to the most popular features of classic sofas. From textures, colours and materials to geometries and designs, you'll find out which is the best classic sofa for your living room.

Enjoy privacy with a small 2-person classic sofa

If you're part of a young family that has recently bought a house or apartment and wants a classic, intimate setting, you could opt for a small, functional sofa that catches the eye with its colours and design. These sofas are extremely versatile, amplify the spectrum of space and create a bright living room. For a unique blend of classic and luxury, you can choose a fringed sofa in velvet, fabric or even leather that will add a touch of extravagance to the whole setting. A small, classic sofa is also perfect for small spaces that don't allow for many design options. To brighten up such a living room, you can place a glass coffee table with slender legs next to the sofa to add dimension to the interior.

A generous living room can accommodate several types of sofa

For large spaces, small classic sofas may also be recommended, where you want to divide the space into distinct areas. But large sofas for 3 or 4 people are ideal for creating a central focal point within a living room. A large classic sofa will immediately attract attention with its curved shapes, texture, upholstery, materials used and shades that complement the whole design. And let's not forget the comfort level. The great master craftsmen have managed to translate all the classic elements into extremely comfortable sofas, thanks to state-of-the-art technology. So the sofas achieve the same level of comfort as a bed. The advantage is that you'll be able to relax just as deeply on a vintage sofa while watching your favourite TV show.

Corner sofas for large families - Grandguardia Collection

Whether it's a large family or a group of friends who are always visiting, the classic sofa should always provide comfort. A reliable option is the corner sofa. It's extremely comfortable, stylish and refined and ensures that everyone who crosses your threshold will feel comfortable. But you will have to choose the place where this sofa will be placed carefully. The sofa's L-shaped design allows you limited options for redecorating. At the same time, distinctive decorative inserts such as lace appliqué fabric, leather buttons, gold handles or velvet fringe create a distinguished vintage atmosphere right in your living room. In addition, sofa upholstery can enhance the elegance and sophistication of a room, depending on the colour and pattern chosen. You can choose classic white upholstered sofas in velvet or leather or opt for a more exclusive look with a combination of provocative shades of platinum grey or black. So you can enjoy a luxurious interior design with just one main element: the sofa.

Classic Italian sofas are a lasting investment

In addition to all the qualities listed above, classic Italian sofas have an extra advantage: they are extremely high quality. The premium and noble materials from which the upholstery is made are of the highest quality: fabric, velvet, plush, natural or eco-leather. The sofa frame construction is made of extremely durable quality metal or noble woods such as walnut, beech or cherry. Even some decorative inserts are made from these materials. Depending on the type of material, metallic paints or wood varnish are usually applied. But the most popular living room furniture items are the classic white Italian sofas that embody luxury and refinement in a unique and timeless furniture.

What is the price of a classic sofa?

The price of a classic sofa can vary greatly depending on materials, size, geometries and even the furniture manufacturer. However, you should keep in mind that your own comfort and well-being are priceless. So choose a sofa that satisfies all your furnishing desires and rest assured that you'll realise that the investment was well worth it. Besides, who wouldn't be happy to have a sofa in their living room that embodies a true work of art? All the carefully crafted details, the premium materials, the comfort that invites you to relax and unwind, and above all the visual impact and vintage atmosphere are truly worth their price