The modern style of furnishing is a much-loved style, both by professional interior designers and by people all over the world. This design gives you endless possibilities to redecorate, while maintaining the 2 fundamental elements of the style: elegance and functionality. If you want to find out what the main distinguishing features of modern design are and whether it is a viable option for your home design, you can read the following article:

Modern design changes the atmosphere of the whole house

Interiors designed in the modern style focus their attention on achieving a horizontal composition of effect, with open and bright spaces due to intentional asymmetrical layouts and large windows or glass walls. The emphasis is on simplicity and functionality with unnecessary detail and decoration eliminated. Most modern homes are very warm and inviting, but with a distinct atmosphere of refinement and good taste. This can largely be attributed to the materials used in the furnishings as well as the interior design of the home - many interior designers use quality and exclusive materials such as walnut, natural leather or marble with warm accents of colour.

How to furnish a modern bedroom

A modern bedroom becomes more than just a stylish and eclectic place. The design is simple, practical, yet retains that touch of timeless sophistication. For a bedroom with such an effect, a bed, two nightstands, a wardrobe, and effective lighting are all you need. Lighting influences every aspect of modern apartment design, from wall colour to décor. The shade chosen for wall decoration, for example, will appear differently in a home with warmer light vs. one with cooler artificial light. Décor, as well as subtle elements of chromatic contrast, not only enhance the look of a room, but also double the light, giving a special touch of warmth to the whole apartment.

Modern living room design - what to look out for for wow results

Give your living room a distinctive, modern feel with simplistic and stylish furniture. Materials matter this time too - opt for leather, marble, metal inserts and other quirky materials to combine modern aesthetics with minimalism.

Must-haves for a modern living room include furniture items such as the sofa, coffee table, armchairs and TV chest, decorative and practical accessories such as paintings, lamps and rugs, and design elements that consider finishes, colour schemes, lighting and furnishings. All these should follow modern design to create the atmosphere you want.

Modern furnishing - the overall elements that make a difference

If you have a smaller space that you want to give a modern design touch to, you can opt for a room divider. This involves creating separate areas in a multi-purpose room through colour combinations and decor elements, such as placing a rug or piece of furniture to define a space. For example, in an open-plan living room with a kitchen, you can create a separate area for a stylish dining room by strategically placing pieces of furniture. At the same time, a modern layout can make an interior appear larger by creating visual illusions. For example, a mirror can double the light in an interior, giving the idea of openness and generous space. At the same time, modern furniture and vertical decor, such as curtains or shelves, can make a room appear taller. Long drapes can also add sumptuous luxury to any modern interior.

If you have lots of modern interior design ideas, but think expert support can amplify the results, the Nobili Design team has the interior design and furnishing expertise to help you enjoy the modern home you've always wanted.

November 2nd, 2022