When we are referring to a classic interior design style, the massive furniture from the luxury Italian range is a key element in such an interior design project. The specialized interior design firm, Nobili Design recommends the luxury Cappelletti brand, more precisely the Lillium furniture for such an architectural project.

Are you in keen for a Large Sofa?

The luxury sofas from the Lillium collection can be found in a large variety of colors and tapestries of the finest quality. Either you go for a classic interior design style, an eclectic one or a modern one, the luxury Lillium sofas will be the perfect match. Nobili Design always consults with the client before initiating this interior design process and the client can also request a 3D project. This way, the client can analyze the full view of his residence from a different perspective.

Need more Style to Glamour the Living?

The luxury sofas from the Cappelletti brand can be implemented in any type of space, either it’s a 2- or 3-bedroom apartment, a villa with an attic or even a commercial space. If you own a restaurant or an event saloon in your town, Nobili Design recommends any of the luxury sofas from the Lillium line for a classic interior design style. If you want to obtain that posh ambiance, the accessories and the furniture pieces are essential elements that will transform any type of space. The tapestry can be chosen in light or neutral shade, either with minimalist patterns or just a simple shade and the sizes of the Lillium sofas depend on where they will be placed.

Deliver Yourself the Best Sofa Ever

The luxury Cappelletti furniture range can be ordered from the Italian manufacturer’s website or through the authorized importer Nobili Design. The order is delivered as ordered and the Lillium luxury sofas can be requested with any tapestry design and at any size. The specialized interior design firm, Nobili Design takes any of the luxury collection from the Italian brand Cappelletti in any city worlwide. Place your order for the luxury Lillium sofas or any other furniture pieces from the Cappelletti range regarding your interior design project.

November 15th, 2022