The Elegance furniture range will upgrade any room due to its stylish aspect, fine craftsmanship and attention to details. If you are interested in furniture pieces such as a chest of drawers for a modern living room or dining area, Nobili Design recommends the Elegance luxury furniture line for the interior design project.

Exclusive Design for Dining Room

The Italian producer Castelli launches new luxury furniture collections ranging from sofas, armchairs, chest of drawers, tables and high quality chairs. These pieces can be incorporated in a modern apartment, a villa, a hotel or even a restaurant. Each piece can be ordered individually or though the Nobili Design firm or right from the producer’s website. The whole Elegance range and other luxury furniture collections can be customized, based on the available space.

Furniture Line Natural Lines

Implementing a 3D project can aid the clients that wish to furnish and design a room from top to bottom. So, resort to the expertise of Nobili Design in order to successfully complete the design project with the luxury Elegance furniture line. The natural and pastel shades of the furniture from the Elegance range offer warmth and comfort to the room the client’s wishes to decorate. Find some inspiration for your architectural project from the Nobili Design portfolio, available online.

Ask Specialists for Design Projects

The specialists have imported various furniture pieces that belong to the Paolo Castelli producer and as a result plenty of successful commercial and residential projects were initiated, all the customers being very pleased with the end result. Browse the photo gallery of the interior design projects featuring modern furniture from the Elegance luxury line and more that belong to Nobili Design.

Invest in your house Invest in you

Invest in the beauty and original design of Italian furniture in order to render that personalized aspect of your interior design project. Resort the interior design experts so that you can creatively implement each luxury furniture item from the Paolo Castelli line.

November 12th, 2022