There are many options on the domestic furniture market, but few that perfectly match your desires and tastes. To help you make the right choice for your home, we've put together a list of 5 reasons you'll love modern Italian furniture:

True modern luxury can only be provided by Italian furniture

Modern furniture made in Italy is always considered to have an extravagant and luxurious touch. Modern Italian furniture is a picture of quality, craftsmanship and luxury that provides a touch of quality in any home or office. Modern Italian furniture exhibits functionality, simplicity and practicality in its design and style. Its elegant structures and lines mimic aspects of modern architecture that translate into a burst of sophisticated modern styles wrapped in good taste, such as the case of the Trilogy Collection. Even though Italian furniture pieces feature straightforward lines, elegance, luxury and sophistication are still prevalent in this style.

Modern Italian furniture never goes out of style

Modern Italian furniture is quite popular around the world due to its uniqueness and extraordinary designs. Italian furniture offers various selections that are timeless, lending themselves to furnishing any room of your home. The modern note of minimalism and excellent quality, qualities that have provided the famous character of this furniture, turns each piece of furniture into a trendsetter while maintaining its unique and timeless character. So, by choosing modern Italian furniture for your home, you can consider that you have made a lasting investment that you will enjoy for a lifetime.

You will find it much easier to find the right modern furniture for your home

Modern Italian design has created varied noble collections that suit a modern, contemporary or minimalist theme. All of these collections include modern furniture pieces with an extremely wide range of designs, but which respect the characteristics of this style. Whether you need a minimalist sofa, an elegant coffee table or perhaps some modern upholstered armchairs, you are sure to find pieces of Italian furniture that will harmonise with your home decor.

Italian furniture offers you a vast palette of colours and materials

From design and materials to colour, Italian craftsmen offer many quality options that will delight any modern furniture lover. So from neutral tones of ivory and ivory, to contrasting shades of black and blue, all Italian furniture has an attractive colour scheme that fully highlights the quality and refined look of the furniture. As for the raw materials, they embody nobility. Walnut or rosewood, velvet or leather upholstery and minimalist gold or silver details blend into elegant and timeless pieces of furniture.

The design of modern Italian furniture is simple, yet extremely elegant

The clean contemporary lines and simple geometric shapes make it extremely popular today making it an ideal choice for most modern homes. Moreover, Italian interiors have some unique features that really make for a remarkable look. The minimalist look of Italian furniture allows you to add stylish decorative accessories that express your personality.

Although Italian design may seem simple, it will never become a dull or boring choice. Whether it's the flowing yet innovative design, the finishing details, the mixed materials or the colour combinations, furniture designers have a special way of turning every material into a modern, practical, elegant and innovative piece of furniture. Products made and designed in Italy also benefit from quality materials, uniqueness and attention to detail. The italian bedroom Mirage Collection comes to mind with its beautiful colors and sturdy stainless steel frame.

If you want to furnish your entire home in a modern and timeless way, the Nobili Design furniture team offers you a varied collection of quality furniture pieces that lend themselves to a unique and innovative design. 

November 24th, 2022