Whether you are looking for a complete set of luxury living room furniture products or you just need a few redesign ideas, Nobili Design, brings to your attention the most beloved pieces of living room furniture from collections dedicated to Italian inspirations.

A modern living room - the mainstay of your home

The living room will always be the business card of your home. The elegant and comfortable space, but also modern, the living room is the place where guests must feel really special. In addition to all this, the living room will have to serve much more everyday purposes such as reading, watching a movie or even enjoying morning coffee.


Modern trends in living room design

Modern interior design trends facilitate the creation of beautifully arranged, functional, attractive and unique spaces. The ideal design of the living room focuses on all the essentials, from room colors and finishing materials to furniture and decorations. A modern living room in refined accents involves choosing a multifunctional interior design. Luxury design trends that can add to your living room are chosen around the defining elements of refinement: materials, geometries and specific shades.

We can discuss natural materials such as precious walnut or rose wood, unique and contemporary designs and refined colors that fully and simultaneously illustrate both the bohemian beauty and the luxury of Italian living room furniture. A representative set of furniture can be found in the spectacular Italian Cantori collection in which refinement, delicacy blend smoothly with luxury and opulence.

Luxury furniture for the living room

The modern design of the living room must be personal and comfortable, which incorporates unique solutions and reflects the latest trends in decoration. The noble materials, the premium finish, the surprising models of Italian furniture and the decoration accessories create a truly fabulous living room.

Thus, a collection that includes all the pieces of luxury furniture needed for a truly sumptuous living room is represented by the Opera collection. Exclusive solutions for contemporary living room furniture are characterized by a cosmopolitan flair, luxurious finishes and warm and refined shades.

Through all this, the Ellipse collection creates a sophisticated harmony of contemporary style. The Ellipse collection presents two sofas ideal for a truly chic living area that transforms modern design into a comfortable, refined and elegant choice that is perfect for those who want luxury, comfort and quality.

Luxury sofa - a must-have for a modern living room

The sofa is the main element of a modern and welcoming living room. In combination with other carefully chosen furniture elements, the sofa will bring a pleasant chromatic contrast, transforming the entire living room into a modern, comfortable and warm furnished space.

Nobili Design offers you a range of luxury sofas in bohemian shades of beige, sand, cream, pistachio, ivory, champagne, meticulously complemented with gold and silver. The unique charm of Luca Art living room furniture is given by the glamorous design and the diversified models meant to create a sophisticated harmony of the contemporary style. From this collection we warmly recommend the range of modern Chanel living room furniture. High quality finishes and accessories transform each piece of furniture into a contemporary work of art that can be successfully framed in a modern home.

Modern dresser - a must-have for a contemporary living room

Functional, practical, made of precious materials in matte or glossy style, the modern dressers should not be missing from the arrangement of your living room. It offers an extra touch of elegance, refinement and a special charm through the distinct elements and the contemporary design that will integrate perfectly in any decoration project. A wide range of dressers that will surely conquer all followers of a modern style is part of the SM Italia Couture collection. Imposing, attractive and of such a contrasting black, they will play an important role in a luxuriant arrangement of your living room.

In addition, Nobili Design offers you an impressive collection of modern pieces of furniture for your living room. From lavish sofas with unique and sinuous details, practical but luxurious comforts, minimalist and chic showcases to a wide range of refined dining items, they all fully meet Italian standards of luxury and quality.

Modern living room with only 4 pieces of furniture

If you're looking for a quick but stylish and on-trend makeover, modern furniture pieces are the perfect choice for you. If you also want to opt for quality, Italian furniture will turn every piece of furniture into a long-term investment. To create a refined and practical atmosphere you only need 4 pieces of modern furniture:

The sofa: modern, refined, comfortable and the centrepiece of the whole living room

The sofa is an essential design element for the living room. When we talk about the living room, sofas are undoubtedly the items that first attract attention. Any modern choice has to take into account two elements: the quality of the materials and the design of the product. Once you have seen the high quality level of Italian products and the refined design, it remains to choose the most suitable sofa for your needs. You can opt for a two or three-seater sofa, corner, L-shaped or standard, in natural leather or precious fabrics.

What's more, Italian manufacturers of modern furniture offer you a vast palette of fabrics and colours to combine as you wish. So our recommendation is to opt for a simple, warm-coloured, linear sofa if you have a small living room, so that it gives the feeling of space and familiarity. For generous living rooms, where space is not an impediment to furnishing, you can easily choose a modern corner or L-shaped sofa to give an extravagant and refined atmosphere.

How do you choose a modern coffee table?

The possibilities are endless when you opt for Italian furniture. Established Italian collections offer you a diverse range of coffee tables and dressers that you can integrate effectively into a modern design with effect. If you want to keep the idea of space, the modern trend is associated with design and practicality, a transparent glass coffee table is the ideal choice in such a situation. Placed on the same level and placed in front of the sofa a minimalist and practical furniture table will create a homely effect and a distinct touch of elegance. If you want to adopt a modern or exclusive style, you can opt for opulent coffee tables, such as those from the Italian Couture collection.

Modern furnishing trend: minimalist chairs or extravagant armchairs?

Both types of furniture lend themselves to this design style. So you can choose according to your own preferences and add a personal touch to your interior design. Modern armchairs are very different from classic armchairs, they focus more on providing a superlative relaxing experience and less on exclusive design

So the design of the armchairs is simple, without winding details or decorative textile accessories. As for the design of the chairs, they follow the minimalist style: practical, elegant and comfortable. Given the differences between these two elements, the choice will depend strictly on your preferences and the space available for furnishing.

The modern living room - what furniture to choose so as never to fail

Designing the living room in a modern style requires a lot of attention in choosing the furniture. Modern living room furniture must be elegant, refined and at the same time functional, as well as create a harmonious blend with the atmosphere of the whole home. The contemporary living room requires airy spaces, smooth surfaces and plenty of lighting. The colors are mostly neutral, except for one or more chromatic elements that give that unique and personal note of the living room.

In this context, each piece of furniture must be considered a defining element in achieving a modern atmosphere, this requiring a reasoned choice, which favors quality over quantity. Thus, you will need furniture elements that pay more attention to details, decorations and quality finishes.

Italian living room furniture amazes and attracts attention

In order to properly arrange your modern living room, you will have to pay special attention to the placement of the pieces of furniture in the space you have, both in terms of design and combination of materials. A single piece of Italian furniture can amaze and attract attention, enhancing the entire room and distinguishing a modern living room from a simplistic and dull living room.

In this sense, we offer you a description of the characteristics and qualities of two Nobili Design collections for living rooms: the Couture SM Italia collection and the Cantori collection.

Italian furniture for elegant and functional living room

The Couture SM Italia collection is suitable for elegant houses, furnished in a style designed towards modern. The collection includes sofas, armchairs and coffee tables with contemporary design, which you can easily integrate into a modern living room, tastefully furnished. In addition, the color palette is extremely diverse, allowing you to choose the color shades that best suit the available space and your personality.

The modern sofas available in this collection stand out for their charming design combined with the comfort and functionality that a quality sofa must necessarily have. You can choose the desired shape, being able to opt for a linear sofa or a corner sofa that will create a modular and modern look of your living room. The colors of the upholstery can be customized according to the range of colors available in this collection. The fabric is embellished with edged profiles that accentuate elegance, as well as the base decorated with metal accessories.

If you want to furnish the living room with elements that complete the space and add luxury to the living room, you can combine upholstered sofas and armchairs with a coffee table, a dresser and possibly a bookcase. All these pieces of furniture reflect the modern shapes and finishes, which have become the leitmotif of the collection.

Modern pieces of furniture for an exclusive living room

The Cantori collection adapts to the tastes of those who want to give a note of finesse and luxury to their modern living room, regardless of the space they have available. Here, too, modern sofas, armchairs and coffee tables complete a refined but comfortable collection, suitable for creating an exclusive environment. The golden side inserts of the Portofino Cantori sofa immediately attract attention and direct your focus to the living room resistance piece.

Thus, this type of sofa offers you the possibility to place it wherever you want, because its design and finishes will make it the central element of your living room. In addition to a wide variety of modern sofas, this collection also offers you a lot of refined pieces of furniture, which will facilitate the construction of a modern design in your living room. Choosing to customize your modern living room with the elements of the Francesco Pasi collection will help you create a personalized modern environment with exclusive choices, good taste and quality.

Get inspired by the Italian living room collections and you will get a perfectly elegant and sophisticated result, in line with the latest avant-garde style.

December 10th, 2022