Furnishing is the key to a comfortable home that gives you that "feel-good-at-home" atmosphere. But in order for each room to bring you that feel-good factor, you need to pay particular attention to the pieces of furniture and colour palette you choose.

And above all, you need to consider the elements that inspire and relax you. Warm colours, balanced colour contrasts and practical furnishings will bring you added visual and especially mental comfort.
If you are a lover of classic furniture or appreciate this furniture design, here are 5 reasons why this type of classic furniture will turn your bedroom into an oasis of relaxation, as well as many examples of furniture pieces that would fit perfectly in your bedroom.

Classic furniture is always on trend

If you choose to furnish your bedroom with classic furniture, you will enjoy it for a very long time. A classic piece of furniture is a long-term investment that retains its aesthetic and practical qualities over time. You don't need to change it every few years because the trend has become outdated in the meantime, you can keep it for life.

Furnishing your bedroom with classic Italian furniture

Have you ever wanted to live a fairytale come true? Classic furniture, especially Italian furniture, has a noble character that will turn your whole room into a royal bedroom. Massive furniture, extremely inviting colours and gilded accessories are just some of the highlights of this classic style. In addition, you can choose to make bedside tables, chests of drawers and even the bed from various noble materials, such as walnut or rosewood. This regal style is successfully represented by the classic furniture in the Gran Guardia Italia bedroom collection.

Classic furniture with silk upholstery

Another reason why you should furnish your bedroom in a classic style is silk, velvet, leather or even lace upholstery. You can choose a bed with a silk headboard, velvet armchairs, a leather footstool or a lace-trimmed high stool. The Pregno Classic bedroom furniture collection offers you many upholstered furniture options and the possibility to customise each piece of furniture as you wish.

Classic Bedroom Furniture Brands

For a bedroom to be called classic in the true sense of the word, it needs to respect a clear principle: that of symmetry. All pieces of furniture should be placed in such a way as to provide a visually pleasing balance and form a unified whole. In order to achieve this, you need to choose the dimensions of each piece of furniture carefully, as well as the place where it will be placed. Depending on the space you have available, you can opt for furniture items such as a dressing table, a TV chest, two bedside tables and possibly one or two armchairs and a desk.

Choose an Italian furniture manufacturer

For this style, Italian furniture collections represent the classic style extremely well. From crafting each piece of furniture in a traditional and unique style to paying attention to every detail, Italian furniture designers are a quality and long-lasting choice. The established furniture collections in our country in this furniture niche are represented by Avenanti, Francesco Passi and Cantori.
If you want a classic and elegant design for your bedroom, we recommend that you make a long-lasting choice and opt for Italian furniture. The result of furnishing your bedroom with this type of furniture is sure to please.

November 11th, 2022