As a beloved space in any home, the bedroom is where we seek refuge, relaxation, love and most of all peace. All of these feelings can be amplified by carefully and tastefully designing a luxury bedroom where sophistication and comfort come first. Thus, the complete furnishing of a luxury bedroom means selecting pieces of furniture that complement each other, inspire that familiar air of home and give you all the pampering you deserve.

We know that the bedroom is more than comfort, which is why we offer a range of bedroom furniture designed specifically to complement your style. With our range of luxury Italian furniture, you can opt for designs and finishes that will transform any bedroom into an epicenter of sophistication and elegance.

Classic or modern luxury furniture?

When choosing luxury furniture for your bedroom, the Italian style promoted by Nobili Design brings in foreground 2 architectural styles: classic and modern. When we refer to classic Italian furniture, we are talking about timeless elegance, handcrafted accessories and refinement in warm ivory shades. The Avenanti bedroom furniture collection, recognised and appreciated worldwide belong to this category. As for modern Italian furniture, it illustrates contemporary luxury through contrasting shades and imposing geometries. The Cantori Italia modern furniture collection are representative of this style.

The luxury furniture pieces needed for an imposing bedroom.

Regardless of the Italian style that represents you, classic or modern, all the collections offered by Nobili Design provide you with a wide variety of luxury furniture pieces from which you can select products that perfectly illustrate your furnishing style and bedroom design. The most popular luxury items for an Italian-style bedroom are the dressing table, elegant make-up cabinets, hand-carved bedside tables and classic-style bookcases. All these luxurious pieces will bring a unique, elegant and so refined atmosphere to your entire bedroom.

Your luxury bed, classic or modern?

Of course, the centrepiece of every collection is the Italian bed made of noble essences that brings comfort, elegance and refinement to a whole new level. We recommend the Noir Luxor Italian beds from the modern luxury collection and the Gran Guardia Italia beds from the classic collection. We were instantly won over by the hand-applied accessories, the nobility of every detail, the imposing and timeless design, as the visual impact beyond words. Which piece of furniture do you think would be best suited to your dream bedroom?

The ideal shades for a luxury bedroom

Of course, in addition to choosing the Italian furniture pieces you want, you'll need to pay particular attention to the colour aspect of it. It is recommended that the chosen shades create a delicate chromatic harmony that can enhance the feeling of comfort and relaxation. Warm ivory and cream tones predominate in a luxury bedroom, complemented by contrasting complementary colours such as woody brown, blue or even cyclamen.

If you want a more modern and imposing design, you can combine various shades of grey and woody brown, successfully illustrated by Botega's modern Italian collection. Represents a unique approach to a modern luxury through the chromatic contrast, the delicate geometry of the furniture pieces and the noble materials used.

Headboard - the luxury accessory of your Italian bedroom

One aspect worth considering that will provide a fabulous visual impact is the bed headboard. It elegantly delineates the bed from the other accessories in the bedroom, making it the centerpiece of the entire room. Exquisite materials, unique geometric shapes and draperies, together with visual plays of light and shadow, are drawing the eye to the luxurious design of the entire furniture.

Such a bed with a built-in headboard can be found in both classic and modern furnishing styles. The modern Viera bedroom from the Botega luxury range or the famous Mademoiselle classic bed from the Giusto Portos classic collection are refined and comfortable pieces of furniture that exude nobility through this accessory.

October 23rd, 2022