Classic italian design is pure and elegant, and the beauty it expresses is timeless. Inside the bedroom, using classic furniture evokes a sense of warmth, comfort, peace and tranquility. Each piece of classic furniture is a decorative work of art, arranged in a distinctive style. If you're looking to furnish a classic bedroom or need some new ideas to give your bedroom that touch of classic elegance, here are some key tips to help you add sophistication and charm:

Classic bedroom furniture: simple, elegant, quality

Most classic bedrooms are decorated in a simple but universal, functional and extremely stylish way. A classic bedroom is enhanced by elegant, timeless furniture. A calm and relaxing bedroom serves as a sanctuary for both comfort and sleep, especially if the shades are soft and neutral and the materials of the highest quality. Such a  collection is the Avenanti classic bedroom furniture collection.

The furniture in a classic bedroom has a certain style that gives it a timeless and comfortable atmosphere. By adding other unique pieces of classic furniture, you can transform your bedroom into an epicentre of vintage style. You can easily furnish an extravagant and refined bedroom by combining vintage furniture with your bedroom décor and finishes.

Attract attention with a classic luxury bed

The centrepiece of a classic bedroom features a dominant and extravagant design and is represented by the high bed, often accessorised with an upholstered headboard made of noble materials, which gives the whole classic bedroom a stunning look with its design. It is often made of noble woods such as walnut or rosewood painted in warm shades and decorated with elaborate and imposing carvings. If ceiling height allows, a classic bedroom bed can be accessorised with a canopy for decorative purposes. For the upholstered elements of the classic bed you can opt for cotton, silk, leather or velvet.

Choose balanced classic furniture pieces and pay particular attention to proportions

Just because it's a classic bedroom doesn't mean that bedroom furniture has to be dull or drab. In fact, by incorporating a few carefully chosen pieces of furniture, your bedroom can become a calm yet interesting space that allows you to fully relax at the end of each day. When choosing furniture for a classic bedroom, you should keep in mind the style this trend promotes. A classic design will always be symmetrical, unified and with balanced proportions, which are achieved through a set of aspects that are largely related to the furniture chosen.

The pieces of furniture you need for a classic bedroom

As well as the central piece of furniture, the bed, you need other types of classical furniture. The pieces of furniture not to be missed in a classic bedroom are the bedside table, chest of drawers and wardrobe, possibly a dressing table. For a luxurious accent you can also opt for a make-up area, a bedside chest and even some voluptuous armchairs. It's all about your design preferences and covering the functionality of each piece of furniture.

Symmetrical and balanced furniture - the main elements of a classic decor

Once you've chosen the classic furniture you want, you need to furnish it with great care. The classic style lends itself to a mirrored design so that a visually distinguished symmetry is created. To this end, furniture items such as a bed or chest of drawers can be single pieces in the bedroom, but when it comes to bedside tables, classic design opts for two such items, symmetrically placed. You can also opt for two vertical wardrobes, but our advice is to place a single wardrobe, preferably a dressing table, covering one of the bedroom walls.

If you have found our advice useful, but also need specialist advice, the Nobili design team can provide you with experts in the field to help you create a professional design.

October 25th, 2022