Italian style represents elegance and refinement, in all its forms. Indeed, Made in Italy furniture pieces are famous and recognized worldwide, not only for their classic and timeless style, but also for their contemporary aesthetics. The classic style adopted in interior design is a truly fascinating one, becoming a look that has crossed history, always remaining in the top of the choices of people who prefer refinement and good taste.

Classic Italian furniture is the ideal choice for people who appreciate an elegant, balanced and warm decor, but also pay special attention to detail and want unique pieces of furniture and accessories to achieve an incomparable design. This style is defined by a classic approach with extremely visually pleasing shapes, details and concepts. Thus, Italian furniture becomes the ideal choice to arrange every room of a home: from the dining room or living room, to the kitchen, bathroom and especially the bedroom.

Nobili Design back charm classic Italian furniture in the contemporary interior design with its collections of furniture for the bedroom. A range of unique pieces of furniture, designed to satisfy every desire to arrange, in which the essential and refined lines come together with precious and impactful details, creating a luxurious and prestigious space.

The elegance and nobility of the warm shades of classic Italian furniture

The ideal bedroom furniture is successfully represented by the Italian style. Italian bedroom furniture sets offer a special elegance and extra refinement that are impeccably complemented by the warm tones and exceptional quality of the materials used. The powdery shades of cream, white, pink, brown or even blue fully highlight the refined and elegant character of such a classic furniture, giving the entire bedroom a bohemian atmosphere, in which daydreaming and reality intertwine. A representative example of these qualities is the Gran Guardia Italia furniture set, in which the quality and mastery of the authentic Italian style can be fully admired.

Classic luxury furniture: symmetry, comfort, familiarity

Thus, a classic Italian bedroom furniture that stands out with a clean design with soft, well-defined edges and imposing geometries is represented by the Avenanti classic furniture collection. The main materials used to make the pieces of furniture in this classic collection are solid wood, gold or silver inserts, unique paintings and hand-applied engravings that turn into a real timeless architectural work. These exceptional features turn the classic furniture into a standard of symmetry, elegant and refined designs thus giving the whole bedroom a deep air of familiarity and a surprising feeling of comfort.

November 14th, 2022