A classic style is distinguished by its undeniable sophistication and elegance, but a bedroom will achieve its maximum expression of style, personality and especially functionality when the furniture is correctly distributed. Choosing a comfortable classic bed is not just about comfort, but a bedroom that embodies everything you love. The bed is the focal point, and the walls, ceiling, lighting and color palette help create a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

To create exactly that atmosphere, we've put together a selection of the most loved classic bedroom beds:

The classic upholstered bed - a representation of elegance at its best

Regardless of the type of bed, an upholstery made of quality materials such as velvet or leather will be particularly appreciated by lovers of classic style. Such a representation of classic design brings a wide range of choices thanks to the diversified colour palette and materials you can choose for your upholstery. But velvet in shades of ivory is a representative choice for this style, giving you an extremely warm and inviting atmosphere.

Classic luxury bedroom bed

If you want something more than a classic and refined ambience, a luxury bed is the right choice for you. Noble materials, distinguished and carefully crafted details, along with a constant predilection for beauty are just a few of the remarkable aspects of the Amelie luxury upholstered classic bed from the Avenanti furniture collection. This bedroom bed model is also distinguished by the imposing gold inserts found in both the bed frame and the supporting elements. Such a classic piece of furniture will transform your entire bedroom into a stylish, distinguished and luxurious one.

Classic bedroom bed - choose a solid wood bed

Other inspiring ideas for classic bedroom furnishings include the materials chosen to make the bed. A classic solid wood bed will become the centerpiece of your bedroom. You can choose to keep the natural color of the wood for a more rustic look or replace it with any shade you like. We recommend the former, as quality classic beds are made from woods such as walnut or rosewood that have a representative, bohemian hue.

For a more elegant look, choose a classic bed with an upholstered or wooden headboard

Choosing a bed with a built-in headboard will make an elegant demarcation between the bed and the other accessories in the bedroom, focusing attention on its design. Exquisite materials, warm colors and distinctive decorative inserts on the bed slatted base turn any classic bed into a true vintage masterpiece. In addition, the bedroom will take on a refined and distinguished air, transforming the whole atmosphere into one of elegance and good taste.

The solution that never goes out of fashion: Classic white bedding

A pure and effective choice is a classic white, vintage-style bed. It is characterized by great attention to detail, subtle decorative inserts that don't overwhelm the design and a linear style that gives you a distinguished feeling of comfort. In addition, a white bedroom bed is very easy to match with the furniture for the rest of the room, becoming a splash of color or a piece of furniture that complements the whole interior.

A classic bedroom bed should be just the way you want it. So, you can choose from ideas suggested above, or combine the classic features you love and make a custom bed for your bedroom. If you need an experienced team to suggest the right pieces of furniture for your bedroom, you can trust Nobili Design. With over 10 years of experience in the field, we promise that the results will delight you.

October 23rd, 2022