Most clients say that they do not have time, that they feel pressured at work, that they have countless tasks at home in addition to caring for children, their partner, their pet, their car and so on. The to-do list is endless. When it comes to home design, everything gets hectic and a little free time evaporates with existential questions whether to do so or otherwise. There are often heated disputes with your partner and you generally grit your teeth to resist the landscaping work.

Choose wisely for you and your house

Then comes the disappointment - why does the delicate pink "smoked salmon" in the catalog actually look like Pink Panther on the walls? You don't have to go through all this, because an interior designer can relieve you of the hassle. The interior designer will listen to you carefully and offer you a suitable solution, depending on your requirements. It is crucial to plan the space and know what to do before starting the renovation. The interior design project will give you a detailed and clear idea about the location of the furniture, the type of flooring and lighting.

3D Project, the online service at hand

The 3D visualization project includes wall decoration, furniture placement, decoration and lighting. How can an interior designer actually help you? There are different types of services offered by an interior designer, namely: a complete turnkey design service or detailed conceptual design services, but the execution is done by the client with the help of an independent construction company. In the first case, the designer designs and then supervises the entire work. This work is quite extensive and time consuming. Usually, a professional interior design company makes a conceptual design of an apartment for a month, then another month a functional design and in the next two to three months, makes the project.

Beauty takes time in everyting

For some designers, an interior design project, which is a detailed conceptual project, can take as long as 12 working days for a room. 3D design takes the longest time to make 3D views. If you want to arrange an apartment, take this date as a basis and multiply it by the number of rooms. This is a relative date, but in reality everything depends on the arrangements that must be made for an apartment, a house, a restaurant, a terrace, etc. In fact, beauty takes time, because it is a time consuming service. Professional interior design programs are also expensive and are calculated in the price of the service.

Save time, save money, gain styled house

Can an interior designer save you time and money?

Yes, an interior designer can definitely save you money and time. For example, if a lobby is designed for an office building, where in addition to renovation, cost optimization is also proposed, this will include a detailed study of market options for the materials to be used in the project. As part of the interior design service, you will also get a shopping list with a budget for all materials, furniture, decoration and lighting in the project.

October 23rd, 2022