How to turn your home into a luxurious space ✚ 4 ideas from Designers

A home that is considered truly luxurious doesn't just contain high-end furnishings or decorations that lend themselves to a complex array of elements, textures and shapes that combine seamlessly into a visually eccentric and luxurious look. Such a result requires professionally designed interiors with noble materials and a clear perspective on the term luxury in interior design.

How to turn an ordinary home into a luxury space

Space plays an important role in defining a luxury home. The feeling of depth, generosity and breadth, make a significant contribution to creating a luxury space. Such a feeling can also be given by the careful use of colour shades. Light and noble tones such as ivory can create the impression of a larger space, while offering openness and familiarity. If the space is extremely generous, the colour possibilities are endless, as long as they respect the criteria of juxtaposition or complementarity.

A luxury home is spacious

The materials for furniture, finishes and decoration give the ultimate touch of luxury. As mentioned, luxury is a collection of refined elements that, once implemented, will transform your entire home. So, you should pay particular attention to furnishing materials, with quality as a single selection criterion. This can be found in noble materials such as marble, walnut, velvet, silk, upholstery leather or even crystal. With these characteristics in mind, the result is sure to be luxurious. What's more, such an approach to furnishing gives you the guarantee of quality. All the materials chosen are extremely durable and practical, ensuring that you have made a profitable investment for an extremely long time.

Accessories turn an ordinary design into a luxurious one

In addition to all the elements listed above, decorative accessories and component materials play an extremely important role in creating a luxurious atmosphere. Opt for one-of-a-kind accessories or customisable furniture pieces that add a touch of uniqueness and extravagance. In addition, such items also give the space an extremely opulent, yet homely look if you opt for light shades throughout.

Choose your décor carefully

Lavish interiors inspired by international architects, famous landmarks and on-trend décor styles turn any home into a distinctive luxury home. Art paintings, voluptuous sculptures, gilded accessories placed in the right places can give your home a new touch of luxury. But you also need to consider the materials used to make those decorative elements. A luxurious interior design can easily turn into a kitsch result, which is exactly the opposite of what you wanted.

Furnishings - strategic, practical but refined and effective

Another important aspect you need to consider is the design. It takes experience and talent to be able to transform a home with quality furniture products into a home furnished in luxury style. For a design that makes full use of the potential of every piece of furniture or decoration in your home, so that the result is luxurious, you need an interior design team that gives you a clear plan of how your home will be designed. Nobili Design,  interior design specialists offer you over 10 years of experience in this field, so that you can enjoy a design that exceeds your expectations. In addition to the luxury interior design project, you can also opt for integrated luxury items and the actual furnishing, so that the entire process, from design to furnishing, is carried out by a single team of professionals.

The pieces of furniture you need for a luxury home

We all want a luxurious atmosphere throughout the home and guests who look admiringly at an elegant and refined interior. But all of this requires careful attention to each piece of furniture, the colour palette, the design line you want to follow for each room, and the overall atmosphere of the entire home.

Welcome luxury to your home

Thus, we felt that a list of the most luxurious pieces of furniture will help you make the right decision and adapt your furnishing options according to your desires involving the final result. So, if you want a refined and luxurious atmosphere, Italian furniture is a choice you will love.

Luxury bedroom furniture

One room you'll need to pay particular attention to is the bedroom. It's where you'll spend most of your time, and it needs to be furnished in such a way that it gives you a restful and comfortable sleep. The essential furniture items in a luxury bedroom are a stately and imposing bed that will become the centrepiece of the room, a dressing table that will give you easy storage and a stylish design, a chest of drawers that is a must-have in terms of luxury furniture and, of course, bedside tables.

Although they may seem like items that can be found in every bedroom, if they are chosen from Italian collections that are renowned for quality, refinement and reliability, they will give you that noble furnishing you've been longing for. The Italian collections offer you two established furnishing styles, both following the lines of luxury design. The modern bedroom furniture offered by the Dall`Agnese Italian furniture collection follows the contemporary and non-conformist furnishing trend, offering you pieces of furniture distinguished by refinement and elegance. From the classic area of furniture, the Giusti Portos Italian collection will win you over with the bohemian and diaphanous design of the bedroom items.

A refined and elegant living room that will amaze your guests

Living room furniture becomes the calling card of your entire home. The living room is the place to welcome guests, organise themed parties for friends or enjoy a movie night with the whole family. So the guest room should fulfil both practical functions and be extremely aesthetically pleasing. For a luxurious living room you need an elegant sofa made of velvet, silk or other noble materials that will attract the admiration of all. For a vintage design, where refinement is paramount, a classic sofa with a wooden frame and fringed decoration is a worthy choice.

As for a more modern approach to furnishing, an industrial-style fabric corner table will give you both comfort and a design edge. As for the other furniture items you can opt for to achieve a luxurious abode, you may want to focus on a walnut display cabinet or bookcase, a few comfortable armchairs, a stylishly designed table and, of course, a refined chest of drawers.

Design a luxurious dining room

Any tastefully appointed home should have a dining room or area. It will be both a practical choice, giving you a special place to dine, and aesthetically pleasing. To furnish such an area you need an imposing table, a few chairs made of noble materials and an elegant display cabinet. In the style of luxury Italian design, you will find an extremely wide range of such items, in neutral or contrasting tones, but united in luxury and refinement.

Thus, the luxurious atmosphere of a home is mainly provided by the furniture chosen for the furnishing. In order to make the best decisions in this direction and to enjoy luxury to the full, right at home, we recommend that you collaborate with interior designers and opt for furnishing your home with Made in Italy furniture pieces.

The most comfortable luxury bedrooms for your home

Being a very popular space in any home, the bedroom is the place where we seek refuge, relaxation, love and especially peace. All these deep feelings can be amplified by carefully and tastefully arranging a luxury bedroom in which refinement and comfort prevail. Thus, the complete furnishing of a luxury bedroom involves the selection of pieces of furniture to complement, to inspire that familiar air from home and to give you all the pampering you deserve. We know that the bedroom means more than comfort, which is why we offer you a range of bedroom furniture specially designed to complement your furnishing style. With our range of Italian luxury furniture, you can opt for models and finishes that will turn any bedroom into an epicenter of refinement and elegance

Classic or modern luxury furniture?

To choose the luxury furniture for your bedroom, the Italian style promoted by Nobili Design brings to the fore 2 architectural styles: classic and modern. When we refer to classic Italian furniture, we are talking about timeless elegance, handcrafted accessories and refinement in warm ivory shades. This category includes the Avenanti or Giusto Porte bedroom furniture collections that are recognized and appreciated worldwide. As for modern Italian furniture, it illustrates contemporary luxury with contrasting shades and imposing geometries. The Cantori Italia and Couture SM Italia modern furniture collections are representative of this style.

The luxurious pieces of furniture needed for an imposing bedroom.

Regardless of the Italian style that represents you, classic or modern, all the collections offered by Mobila Italia Nobili Design provide you with a wide variety of luxury furniture pieces from which you can select products that perfectly illustrate your furnishing style and bedroom design. The most beloved luxury items for arranging an Italian-style bedroom are the dressing-room wardrobe, elegant make-up chests of drawers, hand-carved bedside tables and classic-style bookcases

All these luxury pieces will bring a unique, elegant and so refined atmosphere to your entire bedroom.

Your luxury bed, classic or modern?

Of course, the piece of resistance of each collection is represented by the Italian bed of noble essences that brings comfort, elegance and refinement to a completely different level. We recommend the Italian beds Noir Luxor from the modern luxury collection and the Gran Guardia Italia beds from the classic collection. We were instantly captivated by the hand-applied accessories, the nobility of every detail, the imposing and timeless design, and the visual impact is beyond words. What piece of furniture do you think would be most suitable for the bedroom of your dreams?

The ideal shades for a luxury bedroom

Of course, in addition to choosing the desired pieces of Italian furniture, you will have to pay special attention to the chromatic aspects. It is recommended that the chosen shades create a delicate chromatic harmony that can amplify the feeling of comfort and relaxation. In a luxury bedroom, warm shades of ivory and cream tones predominate, complemented by contrasts of complementary colors such as wood brown, blue or even cyclamen. If you want a more modern and imposing design, you can combine various shades of gray and woody brown, successfully illustrated by the modern Italian Botega collection. This is a unique approach to modern luxury through the chromatic contrast, delicate geometry of the pieces of furniture and the noble materials used.

The headboard - the luxury accessory of your Italian bedroom

One aspect worth considering that will provide a fabulous visual impact is the headboard. It elegantly delimits the bed from the other accessories in the bedroom, transforming it into the resistance piece of the whole room. The refined materials, the unique geometric shapes and the draperies along with the visual games of shadows and lights, attract attention by focusing on the luxurious design of the entire furniture. Such a bed with built-in headboard can be found in both the classic and modern style. The modern Viera bedroom from the Botega luxury range or the famous classic Mademoiselle bed from the Giusto Portos classic collection are refined and comfortable pieces of furniture, which add nobility through this accessory.

October 22nd, 2022