A home that is considered truly luxurious doesn't just contain high-end furnishings or decorations that lend themselves to a complex array of elements, textures and shapes that combine seamlessly into a visually eccentric and luxurious look. Such a result requires professionally designed interiors with noble materials and a clear perspective on the term luxury in interior design.

A luxury home is spacious

Space plays an important role in defining a luxury home. The feeling of depth, generosity and breadth, make a significant contribution to creating a luxury space. Such a feeling can also be given by the careful use of colour shades. Light and noble tones such as ivory can create the impression of a larger space, while offering openness and familiarity. If the space is extremely generous, the colour possibilities are endless, as long as they respect the criteria of juxtaposition or complementarity.

Materials for furniture, finishes and decoration give the ultimate touch of luxury

As mentioned, luxury is a collection of refined elements that, once implemented, will transform your entire home. So you should pay particular attention to furnishing materials, with quality as a single selection criterion. This can be found in noble materials such as marble, walnut, velvet, silk, leather or even crystal. With these characteristics in mind, the result is sure to be luxurious. What's more, such an approach to furnishing gives you the guarantee of quality. All the materials chosen are extremely durable and practical, ensuring that you have made a profitable investment for an extremely long time.

Accessories turn an ordinary design into a luxurious one

In addition to all the elements listed above, decorative accessories and component materials play an extremely important role in creating a luxurious atmosphere. Opt for one-of-a-kind accessories or customisable furniture pieces that add a touch of uniqueness and extravagance. In addition, such items also give the space an extremely opulent, yet homely look if you opt for light shades throughout.

Choose your décor carefully

Lavish interiors inspired by international architects, famous landmarks and on-trend décor styles turn any home into a distinctive luxury home. Art paintings, voluptuous sculptures, gilded accessories placed in the right places can give your home a new touch of luxury. But you also need to consider the materials used to make those decorative elements. A luxurious interior design can easily turn into a kitsch result, which is exactly the opposite of what you wanted.

Furnishings - strategic, practical but refined and effective

Another important aspect you need to consider is the design. It takes experience and talent to be able to transform a home with quality furniture products into a home furnished in luxury style. For a design that makes full use of the potential of every piece of furniture or decoration in your home, so that the result is luxurious, you need an interior design team that gives you a clear plan of how your home will be designed.
Nobili Design's interior design specialists offer you over 10 years of experience in this field, so that you can enjoy a design that exceeds your expectations. In addition to the luxury interior design project, you can also opt for integrated luxury items and the actual furnishing, so that the entire process, from design to furnishing, is carried out by a single team of professionals.

October 23rd, 2022