Are you looking for information on home interior design for a luxurious home? An exceptional interior design consists in creating a visual experience that transmits a state of prosperity and refinement. Then work with an interior design company that inspires you through his creations to live up to the highest standards.

Nobili Design has the privilege of collaborating with people of prestige. They understand the essence of interior design, that is not just about colors, textures and fabulous furniture. It's about how they positively influence our daily lives through aesthetics, functionality and comfort. Our team creates unique spaces, both for villas, houses, luxury apartments and commercial spaces. This is how we manage to add an extra touch of elegance and enliven them.

A home interior design concept means refined choices

Luxury can be presented in a variety of styles. But what they have in common is refined materials and furniture. Moreover, a clarity of vision can be noticed due to the attention to detail. It is necessary to form a unitary balance between the design elements, so that the space is welcoming and denotes good taste.
We have managed to differentiate ourselves due to our principles and values to promote sustainability and superior quality. We always work with premium materials such as marble or natural stone look tiles. In addition, our furniture items made in Italy ennoble the look of your home and provide you with a practical and attractive home. Our experts recommend the best products on the market to create unique designs.

Home interior design: explore sumptuous colors

Colors are those that enlight the room. The brightest ones, such as royal blue, gold or purple, have been known throughout history as the colors of luxury. Violet is the symbol of nobility, being considered an extravagance. If you want a neutral palette, we will highlight it so that it denotes a sophisticated air. A renowned designer manages to capitalize on even the most difficult colors.
Our interior design experts use color to convey feelings, emotion or mystery. We also refer to the size of the room. Light shades will always create the impression of a lot of space. While the cool colors compliment the confined spaces. Also, the colors differ depending on the intensity of the light. The color choices of the designer refer to the coolness or warmth of that room emanates.

Lighting fixtures: functional and imposing accessories

Lighting fixtures are just as important as colors. We use decorative objects with a pleasing visual impact. For classic decor, we add a bold chandelier in the living room or in the main hall, which will highlight the characteristics of the room. For modern interiors, the luminaires refresh the place and convey a state of comfort. Our experts offer more depth to the interiors using a show of light and shadow. It highlights the textures and shape of objects. We also adapt the lighting according to the needs of each room. We use hanging lights, applied to the wall or furniture, to give the room shine.

We define your style with the help of a 3D project

Each person has their own vision of luxury. Therefore, every interior design project must take into account the client's lifestyle. An expert provides impeccable services to ensure that he offers the client, not only a good looking home, but also one that adds value to the experiences of his life and his family. Whether you want is an approach of modern, contemporary, traditional style and more, we adapt accordingly and adapt it to the architecture and needs of your home.
Our team always communicates transparently with the beneficiaries and develops plans and models that help them make the right decision. We make a 3D project for your home to accurately visualize the final result. This step is essential so that you can be sure that the result lives up to your expectations. In addition, we make the latest touches that complete the style and add even more personality.
If you want to discover the true potential of your home, work with an expert team, that wants to transmit through its work the joy and fulfillment of a life lived to the highest standards. Visit our website if you want to know more about successful interior design.

October 22nd, 2022