Interior design - you will be surprised by the trends of the year

What does an interior design entail in 2022? If you want your home to be inline with the latest trends, this article will give you the opportunity to learn more about some interior design techniques that will greatly improve the look of your home, regardless of the style you desire.

Do you want to work with a team that promotes the fulfillment and beauty of living in a home furnished according to your standards and requirements? The Nobili Design team is always up to date with the latest trends. We use advanced design techniques and concepts to ensure that we always live up to your expectations. Here are the new trends of 2022 that give you a new opportunity to improve the design of your home.

Organic materials and textures

This year there is a trend towards materials that promote sustainability. People want to create spaces that urge them to live majestically. For this reason, they choose natural materials, such as wood, glass or stone,to add value to their home. Moreover, they give a sophisticated note. The imperfections of authentic natural materials are seen as unique details that add personality to the house.

Our team supports this trend by selling premium materials such as porcelain tiles or natural stone. If what you desire is a house with a luxurious design, these materials will help you give an elegant and magnificent look. In addition, you will achieve the guarantee that you will be able to enjoy it in the long run and that your home will look great even with the passage of time.

Use of warm colors

People have begun to feel the need for welcoming housing, which relaxes them and restores their well-being. They fit perfectly with darker shades, such as gray or navy blue. The combination of these colors adds more intensity to the space. They harmonize perfectly with wooden furniture, precious materials or textiles. Using red embroidery gives a playful element that invigorates the space.

The artistic spirit of our team is reflected in the choice of color palettes that adds personality to the houses and compliments them. We use warm colors especially for rooms that do not enjoy much natural light. In this way, we counterbalance the coldness of the room with shades of yellow and orange. For us, the colors are what give life to the room and determine the mood.

Capitalizing on open spaces

People have begun to move towards a modern lifestyle, which is also reflected in the interior design. Many houses, apartments and villas today have an open space between the kitchen and the living room. This gives the feeling of an airy space, which fits perfectly with the features of modern style, namely a clean, organized and stylish space.

Our team uses interior design techniques designed to create visual continuity between the two spaces. This is possible by repeating textures and colors that form a unitary balance. Given the fact that these spaces may look cold due to the angles and rectangular shapes, we add round tables and accessories. We adapt to each space so that the result provides a delightful visual experience.

Promoting functionality

More and more people want a home that allows them to carry out their daily activities at will. This consists of creating interiors that also promote comfort. Choose a firm design that takes into account your requirements and creates perfect spaces that allows you to live every day exactly the way you want.

If functionality is what you are looking for, we are thinking of storage solutions such as shelves and drawers that also match the style of your home. We use our creativity so that the built-in cabinets and shelves complete the whole frame and have a well-defined purpose. Especially when it comes to kitchens and bathrooms, this aspect is essential so that the quality of your life reaches a higher level.

Always work with a reputable designer who will help you implement all of these concepts so that the end result lives up to your expectations. Would you like to know more details about what an interior design project entails and the benefits that come with it? We invite you to access our website, which can serve as a source of inspiration for the design of your home.

November 17th, 2022