Interior design for houses - how we use the creativity of a designer

Want to know what's behind a successful home design project? Any home interior design process means creativity and vision. They are capitalized by respecting strict design techniques and concepts. In this article you will discover some of the secrets of a prestigious interior designer.

The Nobili Design team presents you some of the concepts that underlie such a project. With extensive experience in the field of luxury interior design, we have developed our techniques and approach so that we can create unique and exceptional designs. Our goal is to add value to your life by creating a design that defines you. Our specialists combine creativity with different design techniques to create unique designs.

Dream house design concept - How do we use colors?

Colors are those that dictate the state transmitted by a certain room. To create an exceptional design, we use chromatic rules. The color wheel is an excellent guide to understanding how you can combine colors for a fabulous result. If you want to use several shades of a single color in your design, choose colors that are located next to each other. Another technique that our interior design experts use is the use of complementary colors. This means that we choose colors that are located opposite the color wheel. For example, for a refined design, our customers favor the combination of red with green, as it harmonizes perfectly with luxurious materials such as gold and silver.

Interior design of houses - the role of furniture

High quality furniture will always be the key to a stylish and delightful design. Our designers define and personalize interiors through grandiose furniture objects. Moreover, the furniture can make a room look more spacious, more welcoming and can even give it a solemn look. Symmetry is often used to give the feeling of a neat and majestic look.

Choose services from the best interior designers in the world

For our home interior design services, designers use selected products. They come with the best proposals for differentiating your home. For them, furniture is the perfect combination of style, comfort and functionality. On our website you will find premium furniture items made in Italy, which are meant to match the desired style and ennoble the look of your home. You need to know that a room is brought back to life when there is an aesthetic dance between furniture, colors and light.

What do lighting fixtures say about the design of your home?

Who said that lamps are not an important part of the visual appearance of your room? Lighting can be considered an accessory that adds value to the interior design. They represent more than a functional object. Beauty lovers, who want to form a close connection with their home, use such details.

Discover interior design for luxury homes from Nobili Design

Our team uses lighting fixtures especially for modern style arrangements. They completely change the way we perceive a certain room. Do you want to add extravagance and elegance to your living room or bedroom? We use interesting patterns and their play of light to define the room. Especially for book lovers, an elegant and practical lamp will bring them added value in everyday life.

Exceptional house interior design: the use of precious textures

Textures have the power to turn a monotonous design into one that denotes opulence and good taste. Out of respect for them and their home, people with prestige always use quality textures. Using them in combination with different color tones will create a personalized and balanced design. At the same time, we avoid creating a tiring and crowded look, focusing only on a few types of textures.

We have interior design solutions for any type of house

Our experts in home interior design give with the help of textures a certain temperature of the rooms. For example, bright, smooth textures are used to create a cool temperature. Moreover, for a room where a single color predominates, several types of textures will be used to add a subtle note of refinement.

Specialists in interior design for top homes

Nobili interior design experts are constantly adapting to customer requirements and the architecture and features of each home. We have arranged luxury homes, villas and apartments in London, Dubai and many other cities around the world. If you want to know more about what is behind a successful design, access the category of our site for valuable information.

November 1st, 2022