Ideas Interior Design with an attic Flooring

Residential projects that involve the interior design of a house or mansion with an attic floor always reflect the personality of the owners because the Nobili Design team values the client’s wishes.

The attic floor can represent your own personal oasis, a place where you can find yourself and contemplate about life. Do not give up at redesigning this place and call on some professionals which will come to the rescue. Such a place can be as spacious as the room allows it to, which is always a plus, however our architects can also come up with a more intimate and cozy ambiance if this is what you are looking for. For this kind of effect, you can choose wooden walls in a natural shades, a king size bed or even a stately couch. We recommend light colors to bring an extra boost of light to the room and some small color accents. With a very simple design that focuses on details, you can’t go wrong with the interior design of your attic floor.

Why choose the Nobili design team?

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An attic floor decorated in the classic style usually implies including Italian furniture and a multi-layer wooden floor which are only a few elements that take the attic floor into the classic style area. Each texture selected for the decorative fabrics can give a refined and gaudy touch to this room. Designers usually mix more than just textures; they also combine colors, shapes and fabrics when it comes to a classic attic floor.

Turnkey interior design consultancy

Each piece selected together with the specialists at Nobili Design will serve a purpose, that of adorning and bringing an extra value to the attic floor of your house or mansion. A simple storage space can be transformed into a room where you actually enjoy engaging in all kinds of activities. Our specialists adapt to every request, and according to a well established budget, they select the furniture, the decor, the materials and the finishing touches for the floor, the lighting installations and other such pieces.

We provide materials for the project

Classic sconces and other modern light fixtures can easily be integrated in the attic floor. Choose decorative items to your liking together with the Nobili Design team which will guide you all throughout the process. Ranking a top position since 2008, our specialized interior design firm owns a successful portfolio both residential and commercial ones.

Do you choose a designer or a freelancer?

Regardless of the interior style you go for, either we are referring to an attic floor in a classic style or one with a modern touch, the practical and creative solutions will transform a plain room in a very practical space. The versatility, the inspiration, the solutions and the advice of the specialists contribute to an overall client satisfaction when it comes to interior design projects.

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October 23rd, 2022