Discover the design styles that are suitable for your home

A modern ambiance, a classic style or possibly a minimalist and invigorating air? The interior design of a house must precisely meet your needs and preferences, but also create a harmonized atmosphere, with good taste and refinement. Thus, you need to follow a certain style of arrangement, which offers linearity and contrast, but which allows you to customize it to your liking.

Classic houses - the refinement that flourishes over time

A space of comforting elegance from the first step taken on the door. This is how we can define the refinement and grandeur of a classic house. Such a design involves the choice of a neutral color palette that creates a calm, warm and extremely welcoming atmosphere, but doubled by elegance, refinement and world appreciation. A classic design approaches a simple and iconic design style, which highlights the timeless and refined character of the entire home.

What type of interior design suits your home?

A classic design approach brings with it a symmetry and a current balance through strategically placed furniture, a distinct and linear color palette and an infinite possibility of accessorizing with majestic and elaborate decors that attract attention and give a special note of contrast. In addition to all this, a favorite use of noble materials, such as marble, rosewood, velvet or leather upholstery, offers superior quality and a luxurious and extremely elegant atmosphere.

The real timeless trend - modern houses

For a vivid and trendy design, modern homes are the favorite choices of people with a predilection for eccentric and refined. Such a choice of arrangement brings with it a multitude of decoration possibilities. The distinctive features of modern design are distinguished by the preferred use of linear but concentrated shapes, which gives an opulent and functional look. A modern approach to a design for houses consists of an open and asymmetrical location of furniture and decorative pieces, aiming to create a distinct and warm ambiance that gives an extremely wide perspective of the arranged space.
In creating a distinct style for a modern home, relatively neutral colors must be taken into account, which will not go out of trend. Adopting a universal color palette for the entire home will give a uniform and unique look. Adding color spots through well-chosen accessories such as colorful chairs, pillows, rugs, or framed photos will create a modern atmosphere and focus on unique and minimalist details.

What design style is best for a two-story house?

Modern houses or classic homes are built in a universal way, structured on one floor, which includes a clear compartmentalization of all the rooms needed by a respectable family. Such an approach is most common, but what design style is best suited for a two-story house?
Houses with one or more floors boast many attractive features that have turned them into an extremely reliable option today. These models of multi-storey houses offer the possibility of creating open floors where a huge living room can be arranged, island kitchens, the possibility of arranging a dinning room and much more space that you can organize extremely elegantly and practically. For a multi-storey house, the design possibilities are just as many. You can bet on the classic or modern design, and the choice will be extremely well implemented, offering a result far beyond expectations. However, for this you need to turn to professionals in the field of interior design. 

The 5 most popular interior design styles

The interior design includes an extremely varied range of trends, some completely distinct and others with extremely subtle differences. However, each style is characterized by its own harmony and uniqueness that are transposed into an authentic space, warm and full of personality.
A detailed knowledge of the different styles of interior design can help you make a much easier decision for your own home, thus ensuring that you choose the style according to your wishes, which will help you give the whole house visual harmony, personality and comfort. .

Modern interior design

Modern architecture and interior design is a general term that encompasses design styles united by a common intention, to highlight the materials used, space, new technologies, giving the home an authentic, practical and efficient look, but at the same time, warm and welcoming. Thus, modernist interiors often represent an overlap of refined design elements with practical aspects, by creating delicate compositions with clearly articulated lines and geometries. Regarding the design of such a design, it relies on the practical element, the emphasis being on visual and functional simplicity.

Minimalist style of interior design

Minimalism offers us an aesthetic that is based on the efficiency of design, incorporating only the absolutely essential elements of a living space. Lacking decorative accessories or items that have only aesthetic functions, minimalist interiors are simplified to maximize the bold visual impact and provide more space. The decorative elements and motifs are completely missing, with only small, extremely subtle decorative elements present. Colors are explored in quiet tones, which do not focus visual attention on a particular element, but color contrasts are also used.

Contemporary influence in interior design

The contemporary style, by its very definition, is current and constantly evolving, representing all current trends in interior design. As such, it is difficult to characterize this style as a set of clear ideas, intentions, or traits; however, as an interior design style, minimalism moves away from modernist aesthetics through a more balanced and symmetrical approach to interior design. Nonetheless, contemporary interiors are largely inspired by modern design style. The elements, colors and lines of the modernist style are placed in softer compositions, which create an amplified space perspective, but also cover the functional aspect.

The classic - the style of interior design that does not go out of fashion

We can say that the classic style of interior design goes to the past to create ideas for the future. A classic style can faithfully approach a certain traditional design period or can innovate by readapting classic suggestions, bringing elements, motifs and proportions tested over time to suit a modern lifestyle. Classic style interiors are distinguished by their silhouettes; elaborate pieces of furniture, solid table legs and other models of furniture and design are specific to this type of arrangement. Delicate dark lacquered wood furniture and architectural décor abound in this interior style.

A design with personality: rustic style

With its classic simplicity and warm home feel, the rustic style stands out among the most popular interior styles that will always be in trend. It has the charm of an irresistible traditional house, but which also incorporates contemporary design elements.
Rustic color palettes can range from darker shades of brown to neutral tones. The decor features a lot of handmade items, made of wood, leather and natural fibers. The furniture objects have a robust structure and a classic design, being made mostly of solid wood, usually dark in color, matched with natural leather upholstery and classic fabrics.

Classic style in interior design

For an effective interior design, which will ensure you a comfort worthy of being called home, the adoption of a classic style of arrangement, will be a long-lasting and extremely refined solution. The interior design is structured and balanced, rich in decorative accessories, with unique textures and finishes. Experienced interior designers have created a list of the most important aspects of classic design, which will make you fall in love with this style of arrangement

The classic style of interior design creates symmetry

The balance and harmonious elegance of this style are evident in every design element, giving the space a noble, warm and generous feeling: absolutely everything is organized with taste, balanced and the attention to detail is overflowing. The design elements used in the classic style are arranged in a symmetrical and harmonious manner, thus incorporating two central elements that lead to the creation of a balanced and welcoming space, in accordance with classical principles.

Classic design means quality

The use of noble and quality materials, such as mahogany, cherry, walnut or rosewood, ceramics, bronze and marble elements, as well as curtains and rugs made of refined materials, are the main defining design elements for a classic, effective arrangement. The pleasure and emotion offered by noble marble, the warm shade of walnut wood and the elegance of gold or silver finishes are ensured.

A classic home abounds in decorative elements and carefully crafted details

In addition to the furniture in this style, in the houses arranged in a classic style we can find friezes, cornices, and even statues, all with refined and elegant features, nostalgically reminiscent of antiquity. Curtains and drapes are classic, usually made of noble and heavy textiles. The upholstery, whether for pillows or furniture, is always made of luxury fabrics, such as silk, velvet and leather, and the decorative pattern is usually found in the form of damask, plaid or paisley. Such ornaments are often found on curtains, pillows or upholstered items, once again revealing the attention of the classic style for details.

The classic design is balanced and refined

A rich, but always balanced approach, is rendered by the design of the furniture, the texture of the walls, and the finishes. Because order and consistency are essential, the classic character is distinguished mainly by the special attention to detail. As for the decorative accessories, they are delicate and refined, discreet and pleasing to the eye that subtly blend into the interior decor, in full harmony. Grandiose accessories such as chandeliers and paintings are often found in the classic interior design. Rooms are often centered around a focal point, such as a fireplace or a huge oil painting.

The classic design gives you a noble color palette

The basic colors are centered on light and neutral tones, which aim to highlight "noble" materials such as marble or rosewood. The predominant shades are cream and beige that contrast subtly with finishes in dark shades of blue, black or red. To get the most natural and welcoming look, nature-inspired color palettes are preferable. The shades of yellow, blue, green and brown are also preferred, but in gentle tones, to the detriment of the bold ones. A color that will always be in the classic design trends is white. Using clear white for finishes and details can provide a fresh and up-to-date approach to classic style.

These are just some of the main aspects addressed and described by our interior design specialists. If you also want such a home furnished in a classic and bohemian style that will enliven and cheer up the entire space through an effect arrangement, you can fill in the contact form, and Nobili Design specialists will contact you as soon as possible to – they will provide you with all the necessary information.

November 11th, 2022