Discover how to choose the interior design for your apartment

The Internet provides an endless source of design and layout ideas, but all of these ideas need to be customized based on the space available and the needs of each client. When designing your apartment, it is important to know which elements work best together and which ones will have the greatest impact on the interior of your apartment. Whether you choose to do the whole design yourself or you choose to collaborate with an interior design team for the apartments, you will have to take into account a few tips.

How to create the perfect interior design for your apartment

As previously mentioned, you can search the internet for various sources of inspiration for design and choose the style that best suits your personality, but also your available space. A classic interior design for apartments will bring a note of refinement and luxury to the entire home, while a modern interior design will be extremely practical, but also visually balanced. As for the apartments with minimalist design, they focus mainly on functionality, simplicity being a second defining feature of this style. Of course, there is also Mediterranean design for those who want a less common arrangement or eclectic design.

Interior design can enhance the space of an apartment

From table lamps to curtains, furniture and decorative accessories for walls, everything will affect the feeling of the entire space and its entire environment. The interior design for small apartments must consider the choice of not at all massive pieces of furniture, with decorative legs that clearly delimit the floor, so as to provide the feeling of space. At the same time, a glass table or a mirror can make the furniture amplify the space and offer the feeling of clarity and brightness.

When choosing a bedroom bed, it is preferable to have short legs or wooden frame beds without legs to create as much distance as possible between it and the ceiling. A high bed can split the room in half, reducing even more available space. The colors and patterns for an interior design of a small apartment should be chosen carefully so that complementary shades predominate. The same rules can be applied to studio interior design. In terms of interior design for spacious and large apartments, here creativity and inventiveness can be complemented in fabulous arrangements. However, you should not overdo it with color combinations.

Interior design for apartments.

For interior design of one-room apartments or designs for studios, you can take into account the previous tips or you can hire a professional designer to make a remarkable project for your space. Regarding the interior design for 2-room apartments, if you want a practical arrangement, modern design is an ideal choice. The furniture is not voluminous, but it retains its qualities and functionality, the decor elements are subtle ones that go as a design to the minimalist style, and the whole arrangement is non-conformist, which takes into account, for the most part, only your wishes.

Interior design trends follow

The interior design for 3-room apartments offers you extensive possibilities of arrangement. A classic interior design for the apartment can be integrated as well as a modern or minimalist interior design. Your preferences take precedence, but for such large projects, we recommend that you collaborate with a professional in interior design. As for the interior design for 4-room apartments, the limit is just imagination, and budget, of course. If you want to fit into a predetermined budget, an interior design company can help you much more easily with this aspect, given that most can also deal with the purchase of all the necessary elements for arrangement, at competitive prices.

Thus, the Nobili Design team of professionals is at your disposal with a vast portfolio of apartment projects, with an experience of over 10 years in this field and with quality furniture products that can be considered a long-term investment.

Interior design - 5 tips and ideas for your home

Do you want the design of your entire home to be in good taste, practical and refined, in order to enjoy the unique "home" experience as soon as possible? We have prepared for you a list of 5 tips and ideas to help you turn your home into a welcoming, warm and tastefully decorated space.

Interior design - do you follow the rules or do you opt for the creative approach?

If you want an interior design made to order, there is no place to let your imagination fly, but not everything has to be just black and white or follow a classic pattern. If you are an exhaustive person, who likes to try new things and take risks, you can opt for contrasting color juxtapositions and different design styles, but sometimes the risks are quite high. If you still want to try something different than what is currently on the market, you can confidently call on a professional interior design team.

Interior design project - done by a professional or an entire team?

For the interior design of small spaces, only one professional can offer effective solutions and make a project as you wanted. However, an entire team will offer many more creative ideas and efficient structuring of the available space of each room, so you have a longer list of options and suggestions.. In the case of spacious homes, it is recommended to hire an interior design team. The motivation of this recommendation is materialized by a wider design experience that you can enjoy, diversified solutions for each desire and given specification and a shorter time for the completion of the project. In either case, the results will be considerably more spectacular, with experience in this field having an important say.

Consider colors in your interior design

If you want to make your own interior design for your home, you need some tips for a satisfactory result. First of all, pay special attention to the chromatics you want in each room, and for small spaces opt for light, complementary shades. In rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom, it is preferable for the predominant shade to be light, giving the idea of spacious space. Depending on the surface, if the living room is generous, you can combine two main colors, accompanied by complementary undertones.

How to choose furniture for an effect interior design

As for the furniture for each room, the whole house will have to follow a clear design note to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere at home. Choose durable, quality furniture that you can enjoy for a long time. Our recommendation is to opt for Italian furniture that offers you vast collections with which you can create an inspired and sustainable arrangement..

Take natural light into account when designing the interior

Another aspect worth considering is the arrangement of the rooms so that they have a bright, open and welcoming look. For this you need to take into account natural light. You can choose curtains in light shades of ivory in combination with closed curtains with distinct inserts, which will give you discretion, privacy and comfort. Also, try not to place bulky pieces of furniture near windows, so as not to obscure natural light.

Although it can be considered a seemingly simplistic process, interior design needs a lot of experience in the field to achieve the expected results. Thus, Nobili Design experts provide you with some of the team's projects in order to have a source of authentic inspiration, but also the possibility to collaborate in order to achieve an interior design project, as you wish.

November 13th, 2022