Why do you need specialists for interior design beauty salon?

Arranging a beauty salon involves choosing an interior design style first of all, and then selecting professional materials but also for the floor, integrating quality furniture, etc. There are many elements to keep in mind when initiating such a project. The purpose of hiring an interior design company is to make your work and decisions easier. Owning various beauty salon interior design concepts, Nobili Design stands by you with a team of experts.

Work with professional designers for your beauty salon

So, if you are thinking of investing in an interior design project for your beauty salon, you must have the Nobili Design team with you. The colors chosen for the walls of these rooms are essential in defining a style. For a classic decor style, we recommend elegant colors with gold, cream or beige tones and for a more modern look, you can opt for vibrant colors. The wallpaper can also be successfully applied on all the walls in the waiting hall of the living room or only on one. Depending on the chosen design style, orient yourself for a special print for wallpaper.

Choose professional materials for the beauty salon

The floor in the beauty salon must be a long-term investment, so we focus on quality materials and suggest rectified porcelain tiles. As for shades, the customer has the freedom to choose from a wide range of models and colors. Lighting fixtures are other details that, if chosen carefully, will change the look of each room. Modern chandeliers, chandeliers or ceiling lights are just a few selections. Prices may fluctuate depending on suppliers, but experts will recommend the best deals if you are limited to a fixed budget. In the beauty salon, you can opt for some elegant mirrors, especially if you go for the idea of ​​classic and luxurious style. Orient yourself to those with an oval or round shape, because they evoke refinement.

Integrates modern furniture suitable for the space

The furniture bodies in the beauty salon must be chosen in such a way as to meet the needs of the services offered. Functionality is extremely important when we talk about such a building. So, if you need a showcase to display products for sale, choose from the classic luxury range, but for a minimalist look, we recommend a mdf furniture with glossy finishes. Maids or even chests of drawers and wooden tables can be spread in the living room. The hardware elements can be baroque or contemporary inspired. It all comes down to the owner's vision for the beauty salon, and Nobili Design specialists will take care to make it achievable.

Creates a pleasant environment for the clients of the beauty salon

No matter what kind of atypical or futuristic ornaments you choose, this place should be for personal pampering. Those who cross the threshold of the beauty salon must forget about the outside world and feel comfortable. Here contributes the ambiance created by the designers and the harmonious combination of each element.

Interior design solutions for beauty salons

Over over 10 years of experience, our specialists have dealt with various commercial interior design projects and beauty salons in cities around the world. We put customer wishes above all else.

March 20th, 2024