Do you want to open or set up a beauty salon? Setting up this business requires real organization and layout techniques to best meet customers. The delimitation of the spaces, the arrangement of the right furniture for the beauty salon, the decoration, nothing should be left to chance. Here are the 5 tips for setting up a beauty salon!

Come in the Ambient of a Salon

Have you imagined a beauty salon with a brand name, a logo and a whole universe flowing from it. Then it becomes essential to get out of the competition: in fact, every city has many beauty salons.

A classic and soulless salon?

No chance to stand out! In order to make customers want to go through the door for the services offered, it is better to configure your business in a specific direction. Above all, remember to target the expected clientele: men or women, mixed, children, simple or specialized services. The appearance of a beauty salon should also provide a warm atmosphere for customer loyalty.

Styling in style your space

There are several styles of ambiance:

• Vintage;

• modern;

• industrial;

• Scandinavian;

• Baroque style.

How about an interior with an extra touch of nature and wood? Once the type of atmosphere has been defined, it can be interesting to contact a professional for arranging the beauty salon!

Create an attractive showcase

The showcase of the salon is the first vision that passers-by have about it: therefore, space for imagination and originality! You need to convince your future customers to enter your salon in less than three seconds. Thus, the appearance of the beauty salon begins with the window with essential elements: the name of the salon, the presentation of the services performed; practical information: opening days and hours, prices, telephone number. With an attractive window and a coherent vision, you easily generate traffic in your business! Imagine the look of your beauty salon As an extension of the window, the interior of the beauty salon should reflect the promise made at the level of the facade. A unit capable of satisfying the needs to take care of customers as best as possible! For this, it is better to first delimit with a good consistency the different spaces of the beauty salon.

Opt Always for Quality Furniture

The arrangement of the beauty salon requires the choice of solid and durable furniture, in accordance with the desired atmosphere. Each area of the unit corresponds to an activity, and the choice of furniture is made according to the tasks to be performed there. Do you need a little personal touch? Prefer custom furniture - this way, your beauty salon will be different from any other!

Complete the look with the decor

All you have to do is make your venue irresistible with a beautiful decor. For this, it all depends on the chosen theme! There are various types of decorations for the beauty salon that we can offer you as inspirational by Nobili Design Portfolio. Choose a beautiful light paint or quality wallpaper to brighten up your space! The lamps add a plus to the beauty salon decor. The beautiful floor lamps provide a retro atmosphere, while the neon lights on the ceiling energize the living room.

The last detail: music. Don't be too strong and be eclectic to satisfy all tastes!

February 19th, 2024