Nobili Design specialists team has a wide portfolio of projects in different styles for various customers, across Europe and not only.Each of the furniture pieces integrates the customers’ needs and tastes into a unique extraordinary concept. For more than 10 years we have built a strong reputation based on trust and we have put the customer in the center of our work. We want to help our customers live in a better home, the home that they desire, in the way they desire to be.

So to us, to communicate and understand the customer is crucial into creating the concept for him/her. The modern interior design apartment concept we have recently arranged is just wonderful. The word best describing it is minimalism. The furniture, just as much as it is required, at maximum quality level, is in friendly colors that match easily one with another. The sleek shapes, the lines that define the design are envisioned with much care with the aim to deliver both a comfortable and functional space.

The open space type of living room connected with the dining area and the kitchen creates a good flow throughout the house. There is a dominant white color in the living room and kitchen, contrasting with dark grey elements and color blocks, making a nice and interesting look, always surprising. The bedroom exceeds imagination in terms of design, luxury and comfort. The shapes, textures, fabrics are of a high level and of ultimate good quality. The grey color dominates the room but every detail is really surprising to see.

Nobili Design is ready to hear any size request. Our enthusiastic team will be there to create for you the right concept, for your office or home. We can also recommend the right furniture and fixtures, delivering a creative, innovative and unique style in your own space. With projects in London, Paris, Rome but also Nantes, Marseille, Tirana even Sao Paolo, we are there where we are needed.

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June 24th, 2019