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A modern interior can be as elegant and sophisticated as a classic one, when the space is decorated with a perfect taste, using the services of an experienced interior designer. The project proposed by Nobili Design for this residence is an illustrative example of this.Interior design concept for luxury home in BirminghamInterior design concept for luxury home in BirminghamInterior design concept for luxury home in BirminghamInterior design concept for luxury home in BirminghamInterior design concept for luxury home in BirminghamInterior design concept for luxury home in Birmingham

You can see in our portfolio home projects but also apartment projects in the classic interior design style. In the classic style interior design concepts that we did, we used mild colors, like deep red, crème color, beige, sand color. Colors that are tender to see and are matching easily and well one with another. There are fine shapes that are a pleasure to see, natural motifs like floral details on hand carved furniture and panels. The sense of luxury comes from the golden details that are used here and there. Either as golden details on the furniture, either as precious materials and fabrics that we used in arranging the rooms. We believe that the best approach one should have when creating a concept for a house is to collaborate with the customer and put his needs first. Take a look at these wonderful concepts and projects that we successfully did for our customers. Just in case that you have a project in mind for your home or office, give us a call today. We can deliver the full concept for residential projects, such as homes or apartments, but also for commercial projects. We have a continuously developing commercial portfolio with projects for hotels, restaurants, beauty salons and clothes shop. We literally have the answer for whatever you wish to decorate and improve. We are ready to take on the next challenge, no matter how difficult it might be. The location is not a problem for us as we can develop projects almost everywhere.

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Interior design concept for modern luxury home in Birmingham | Birmingham projects

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