Right from the entrance this beautiful classic home is gorgeous.The cast iron staircase railing is playing beautiful patterns very catchy and fine. The interior staircase that brings to the first floor is making a powerful statement that gives character to the house. The furniture and finishes are at their highest levels.

With plenty of luxury upholstered sofas and armchairs, the classic home is the best guest for the family and close friends. The colors are pleasant too, beige, crème, intense dark red on the armchairs, on the pillows and on the drapes and curtains. The lights array in the living room from where you can admire the high wall with large windows, all are like movie sceneries.

The bedroom at the first floor couldn’t make it less opulent. With luxury upholstered bed, with white massive wood furniture, the bedroom is just amazing. There are 2 white wooden chests with 7 drawers, a nightstand with 3 drawers on each side of the bed, a vanity table with several drawers , all made of massive white painted wood. The chandelier and the table lamps are giving a rich amount of light.

There is a secondary bedroom with two beds in contrasting colors, one is intense purple and the other emerald green. Both are upholstered, as the luxury classic style demands. A central nightstand with 3 drawers are useful and at reach. A beautiful array of colorful frames are creating a catchy attraction on the wall. The bathroom is luxurious too.

With nice white pieces, it has 2 sinks, one cubicle and the bathtub, all of them are looking like massive artifacts. Nobili Design is an architecture and interior design services provider which has experience in creating unique concepts for residential and commercial customers, either classical, either modern, contemporary. We can also advise you with the full array of furniture, finishes and all that is needed in a house. No project is too little for us and we are always ready for a new challenge.

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Classic home interior design concept in Birmingham | Birmingham projects

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June 21st, 2019