Nobili Design is an architecture and interior design services provider. We target both residential and commercial customers and deliver unique concepts each and every single time. We also worked on restaurants concepts and will bring to your attention the best restaurant ideas that can suit your location as well.

First of all you must know that if you want to attract also picky clients with sturdy wallets you must invest in high class finishes and furniture, apart from experienced staff, which is a different topic. You can choose a theme for the restaurant, such as natural, rustic style, a contemporary one or even better classic style that is everlasting and a safe bet.

For a rustic style you can choose furniture made of raw wood, just cut and varnished, but then you must select a good arrangement of lights. Perhaps some resized bulbs that give a mild light, and some textile walls for intimacy of the guests. For us any project size is taken into consideration and we are ready to help you find the most attractive concept for your needs. With customers across cities such as Florence and Rome, in Italy, Nantes and Paris in France or London in UK, we are there where you need us.

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December 16th, 2018