They say that the way you lay down, the way you sleep. If we were to go into details and refer to the present, the old saying would turn into "How you decorate your bedroom, how you sleep".

Starting from the bed and ending with chandeliers or dressing room, every bedroom has its own story that continues to be written even after its first furnishing. To be able to reach the steps you have to follow, think that the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing at night is the room you sleep in.

The time spent in it changes when the furniture, the walls and the atmosphere are in harmony, all having a major influence on your mood, especially if the space you have corresponds to a small bedroom.

Color ideas for bedroom decoration

Our brain reacts differently depending on the color we see; certain colors influence the way we sleep, being the ones that can give you energy in the morning, change your emotional state or simply relax your eyes when you read a book before bed. The balance of colors and the harmony of the furniture pieces are important elements when you think about arranging the bedroom.

Light colors are generally known as an element that generates optical illusions. Thus, we can use colors that make the walls seem bigger or create the effect of an open, airy space as ideas for arranging the bedroom.

Light colors are generally known as an element that generates optical illusions. Thus, we can use colors that make the walls seem bigger or create the effect of an open, airy space as ideas for arranging the bedroom. Among them are white, blue or even green, both used in pale shades.

You can keep in mind that pale blue reduces blood pressure and induces a state of relaxation, just as yellow increases the feeling of comfort and brings you to a state of security.

Because green induces the feeling of calm and serenity, it is an ideal color for a restful and lasting sleep. For arranging the small bedroom, very light colors are recommended to maximize the effect of the light in the room, such as white.

Tip: When it comes to colors, but especially to the organization of ideas related to shades and patterns, you can use contrasting colors or even mood boards depending on the atmosphere you want to create. They will certainly make your choice easier, because you will be able to search in an organized way, add what you like and explore the unlimited possibilities when you choose the colors that will embrace your bedroom.

The light in the bedroom

Natural light can make any space seem larger than it really is. In the absence of natural light, lighting fixtures can produce the same effect if they are strategically placed near the bed or in the corners of the room. The bedside lamps as well as the lamps in the corners of the room will produce the effect of a comfortable room, inviting relaxation.

Mirrors also have their role, a well-placed mirror can reflect both natural light during the day and artificial light at night, giving the illusion of an open, large, well-lit space. If the direction chosen for arranging dressing rooms in the bedroom allows the use of a mirror, this will make the space seem much larger. Placing a mirror next to the window will be just as effective to bring nature and the outside environment into the house. If you opt for lamps in the bedroom, especially near the bed, in order to avoid any electrical accident, it is recommended to hire an authorized electrician who will be able to check the electrical installation or even the problems caused by the electrical panel.

Bedroom furniture

Because the bedroom is the space where you seek relaxation and rest, it must be ventilated, and the furniture must score in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Regardless of the space you have, avoid crowding the room with too many cabinets or bedside tables, so that the atmosphere remains relaxing and the room is airy. Not infrequently inspiration can start from a single piece of furniture, whether we are talking about a souvenir from a trip, or if you saw an object in the window of a second-hand furniture store that impressed you and you decided that you must to have it.

Modal furniture, glass tables or chests that can be used both as storage and as a table or plant stand can be among the most effective pieces of furniture. Try to remember that a crowded room looks like a full room. So when it comes to ideas for a small or cramped bedroom, arranging the furniture in the bedroom will be of particular importance. Keep the walls as free as possible, a painting or a mirror on one of the walls will be more than enough.

Keep in mind that any piece of furniture that blocks the view to the window will make the room seem more cramped. On the other hand, if the furniture resembles the color of the walls or the wallpaper, it will be camouflaged, leaving the room to appear more open.

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October 3rd, 2022