Even if you can't afford more than a small apartment or a studio, that doesn't mean you can't turn your home into a spacious place. Interior design specialists have often demonstrated that even a small space can become a comfortable place to feel good. A small room can be visually perceived more spacious when a few rules regarding its interior design are respected. Colors, light, decorative objects and choosing the right furniture matter.

Custom-made furniture is the best solution for furnishing small spaces, especially if you have a bright apartment with a sea view. If you want to be inspired, there are shops with furniture to order.

Tips for furnishing an apartment

When you live in a small apartment, the most important aspect to take into account is the size of the space. Be creative and look for practical solutions to help you transform a smaller room into a visually and functionally pleasant place. For example, opt for light-colored finishes. This is one of the secrets that make a small room seem larger.

Besides, choose only the pieces of furniture that are really useful to you. To make the space more efficient, the furniture must be practical, multifunctional and as compact as possible. In vain you want armchairs, a large table in the living room or several chairs, if the space does not allow you, they will only suffocate the room. If you are a person who often receives visitors, opt, for example, for a folding table and chairs that you can spread out only when you have guests.

The idea is to give up the objects that you don't necessarily need or to replace them with others that take up less space. Unnecessary things crowd the home and create chaos, and overcrowding a room makes it seem much smaller. Your goal is to create space, so be open and let go of all the things you don't really need.

Whether you're a person who stays at home more or, on the contrary, you're always away, you'll definitely find efficient furnishing solutions that suit your needs. Through rigorous planning in accordance with your strict requirements, you will be able to create a comfortable space from your small home!

Suspended bodies

We are used to hanging fixtures in the kitchen, but when you want to make a small space more efficient, they can be useful even in the bedroom, living room, hallway or bathroom. So, opt for shelves, shelves or other pieces of furniture suspended on the walls, instead of large cabinets or other furniture that "steals" from the space.

Suspended fixtures are a very good solution to make a room seem bigger, because the floor left empty creates the perception of more space. Your goal will be achieved, while you will also have a place for all your things.

Wardrobes with sliding doors

Because every home, no matter how small it is, also needs a wardrobe for clothes, I recommend you opt for those that open with sliding doors. Although the furniture with standard doors looks compact and fits perfectly in your room, don't forget that you have to leave enough space to be able to open the doors.

This type of opening occupies a small space in your room that you cannot use. So, when you want to furnish a small room, the most efficient solution is wardrobes with sliding doors.

Bed with box or drawers

As space is precious to you, another way to maximize the efficiency of any area you have is to opt for a double bed with a chest or as many drawers as possible. In this way, you will have enough space to store your things, without having to put too much furniture in the room.

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December 5th, 2022